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Vladimir Putin visits North Korea. He was welcomed by Kim Jong Un

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Russian dictator Vladimir Putin arrived in North Korea on Tuesday. He was greeted at the airport by Kim Jong Un. Before the visit, Putin thanked North Korea for its support in the war against Ukraine and said he hoped to sign a “multi-faceted strategic partnership treaty.”

Vladimir Putin arrived in North Korea on Tuesday, Reuters reported, citing Russian media. This is the first visit of a Russian dictator to this country in 24 years, and is an expression of Moscow's growing rapprochement with Pyongyang following its aggression in Ukraine.

According to Reuters, Russian state media showed Putin and the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un they shook hands after Putin landed in Korea.

Putin announced that Russia hopes to sign a “multi-faceted strategic partnership treaty” with North Korea, including clauses on security cooperation.

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Vladimir Putin arrived in North KoreaReuters

Ahead of his visit to Pyongyang, Putin thanked North Korea for supporting Russia in its war against Ukraine and promised to jointly circumvent international sanctions in an article published on the front page of North Korea's official party newspaper Rodong Sinmun on Tuesday.

The dictator wrote that both countries would develop alternative, “uncontrolled by the West” systems of trade and mutual settlements, and jointly resist “unilateral and illegal” Western restrictions.

Kim Jong Un welcomed Vladimir Putin at the airportReuters

Cooperation between Russia and North Korea

In recent months, relations between Russia and North Korea have deepened on many levels.

Kim Jong Un, who rarely travels abroad, visited Vladivostok in September 2023, where he met with Putin. South Korea's defense ministry estimated at the end of February that since that meeting, North Korea has sent to Russia about 6,700 containers of ammunition that the Russian military uses in the war with Ukraine.

The current trip is Putin's first visit to North Korea since July 2000, when he held talks with then-leader Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un's father.

Main photo source: Reuters

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