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Vladimir Putin. Who is the attractive blonde in the photos near the president of Russia

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Vladimir Putin delivered his New Year’s address. In it, he summed up the past twelve months as “a year of difficult, necessary decisions”, he also spoke of the obligation to “defend the homeland”. However, the commentators’ attention was also drawn to the presence of a blonde in a uniform standing behind the president’s back. The woman surprisingly often appears in photos with the leader of Russia. In different outfits.

The Russian president broke with tradition by delivering his New Year’s address surrounded by uniformed soldiers, not alone with the Kremlin in the background. During the speech Vladimir Putin said, among others about “defending the homeland”, which he called “a sacred duty to our ancestors and descendants”, repeating that the West intends to “destroy Russia” with the help of Kiev, Reuters reported. The attention of commentators was drawn not only by Putin’s words, but also by the people in uniforms standing behind him. Especially the blonde one, seen many times before in the vicinity of the head of state. In different outfits.

Who was behind Putin? “They should act like soldiers”

Journalist Jason Jay Smart, a correspondent for the “Kyiv Post”, published four photos on Twitter: from Putin’s New Year’s speech, among people praying, with sailors on a yacht and surrounded by men in suits. In each of the photos near the president of Russia there is the same woman, who is supposed to be named Natasha. “Here are photos of the many roles Natasha played when Putin needed to pose with ‘ordinary citizens’,” wrote Jason Jay Smart. According to the journalist, the people in uniforms who appeared in Putin’s New Year’s speech are “people from his security who are supposed to behave like soldiers.”

CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward tweeted a post in which she wondered if the mysterious blonde was “simply an actress used to pose for photos” or if she had another reason to be close to Putin on various occasions. She also drew attention to other characters who appear in at least two photos, but do not stand out as much as the woman. Smart replied to her, stating that the blonde was an “actress” who, along with other people posing behind the Russian president’s back in the New Year’s speech, “probably emerged from Putin’s protection.”

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Former Minister of Defence Ukraine, Andrei Zagorodniuk, responded to one of Smart’s entries, calling the presence of actors in soldiers’ clothes “obvious”. “Anyone surprised?” – he wrote. A series of photos of Putin and the blonde in a short time became an Internet hit and the object of ridicule. As noted by historian Ian Garner, “Russian media is proving that the blonde constantly photographed with Putin are in fact two different people by publishing different photos and interviews with apparently the same person,” he tweeted.

Putin’s New Year’s speech

In his New Year’s speech, Vladimir Putin did not present plans on how the Russian armed forces intend to reverse the unfavorable course of the war with Ukraine and how Russia will continue to strive to achieve its maximalist goals – assessed in the latest report of the Institute of War Studies (ISW).

Vladimir Putin during his New Year’s speechMIKHAEL KLIMENTYEV/PAP/EPA


According to the American think tank, Putin focused on justifying the attack on Ukraine and the human costs incurred in connection with it. He admitted that 2022 “was a year of difficult, necessary decisions” that he considered necessary for Russia to achieve “full sovereignty.”

ISW analysts assessed that the speech of the Russian leader contained rhetorical statements that Russia has a historic right to Ukraine, and regaining control over it is a condition for Russia’s independence and sovereignty. All this means that Putin is not focused on a peaceful solution, and only the victories of the Ukrainian army on the battlefield and the liberation of further territories from occupation may force him to change his position.

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