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Volochansk. This is currently the heaviest section of the front. “Worse than Hell”

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The Ukrainian city of Volchansk is destroyed. The Russians are advancing step by step and leaving only ashes behind them. They also attack Kharkov. The Ukrainians respond by attacking the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, where they are increasingly successful. Five years of President Zelensky's term have passed. However, in a country plunged into war, there is no way to organize elections.

The Russians lost not one, but most likely two ships of the Black Sea fleet in the last ATACMS missile attack on the port of Sevastopol.

In addition to the minelaying unit, Ukrainian forces were also supposed to hit a much more valuable missile corvette. This is about the “Cyklon”, which was commissioned in July last year and was used to attack Ukraine using Kalibr missiles. According to unconfirmed information, at least six Russians were killed and 11 injured in the attack.

– If this is confirmed, it may turn out that the Russians will not have any ship that can transport or launch or attack with cruise missiles – comments Oleh Biletsky, a Ukrainian journalist.

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It is not known whether missiles from the new, long-awaited delivery were used in the attack, but ammunition and weapons from the latest American aid package are to be successively delivered to the front.

More attacks on Ukraine's critical infrastructure are being prepared

Including units fighting on the currently most difficult section of the front – north-east of Kharkov. – Hell. “Worse than hell,” says one of the Ukrainian soldiers.

The front there runs through the very center of the city of Volchansk, which, building by building, is being razed to the ground by the Russians.

For now, Putin's soldiers are trying to gain a foothold on the southern bank of the nearby river, but the real target is Kharkov, which would be within the range of their artillery.

– There is no army here, no military facility. This is a district where civilians and families lived, says Ihor Trekhov, the mayor of Kharkov, after a Russian air attack that killed six people, including three children. On Sunday alone and in the Kharkiv Oblast alone, at least 11 people were killed and dozens were injured.

– The occupier did not achieve his goal, although he tried to stretch our defense lines and wanted to weaken Ukraine on a broad front. From Kharkov to Donetsk – says President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

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However, Russia is preparing further massive attacks on Ukraine's critical infrastructure. Satellite photos show that the Russians directed as many as one third of their strategic bombers to Murmansk – on the border with Norway, beyond the range of Ukrainian missiles and drones.

– This is also a reason to ask for more Patriots, for more missile launchers that would allow us to shoot down such missiles – says Oleh Biłecki.

What about the presidential elections in Ukraine?

At the same time, experts predict that Russian propaganda attacks on Volodymyr Zelensky will intensify.

Monday marks five years since he was sworn in as the president of Ukraine, but due to the Russian attack, the organization of elections for the highest office in the country was postponed.

– I don't think anyone can handle what he does. Even on a physical level. During these five years, he aged in the same way as others in 15 years, says Anatoli Włazyński, the owner of a cafe in Sloviansk.

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Russian propagandists and diplomats will most likely try to argue that Volodymyr Zelensky does not have a democratic mandate to serve as president of Ukraine.

– Since the end of last year, we have been conducting research on whether elections should be held now and 70-80 percent of Ukrainians believe that it is a bad time, that Zelensky has democratic legitimacy and that elections should be organized only after the war – says Anton Hrushetski from the Kiev International Institute of Sociology .

Putin himself – with a short break during which he was formally prime minister – has ruled Russia for over 24 years. After changes to the constitution and subsequent rigged elections, the Russian dictator may rule until at least 2036.

Main photo source: Enex

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