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Vows. Crops and agricultural equipment flooded. Residents are struggling with the effects of flooding

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Residents of a town near Wyszków in Mazovia are struggling with the effects of flooding after the overflowing of the Bug River. Although the water level is falling, it does not mean that the flood threat has passed.

The water level in the Bug River near Wyszków is still above the alarm level. On Friday at 10 a.m. the water gauge showed 486 cm, i.e. 36 cm above the alarm level. The good news is that since Thursday, measuring stations have been recording a decreasing trend.

Local flooding occurred in several towns in the Wyszków district. This week We reported on the situation in the village of Młynarze, cut off from the rest of the commune. The only road leading to the village was flooded. The water came up under the houses.

On Friday, TVN24 reporter Bartłomiej Ślak visited the town of Ślubów, including one of the farms that was flooded. As he reported, residents still have to deal with the effects of flooding. Annual crops and agricultural machinery are flooded, which means very large financial losses.

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– The army and firefighters are constantly working in Wyszków and the surrounding area. Residents who want to save their farms are also working, said Ślak.

Flooded farm in ŚlubowoTVN24

The water is falling, but the threat has not passed

– Since the last two near Wyszków, we have had over 50 centimeters of rainfall on the Bug River. We no longer carry out activities in the towns that were most flooded, i.e. Drogoszewo and Kamieńczyk. On Thursday, we carried out major preventive activities. We were strengthening the protective embankment separating the Wyszków Rybieńko Leśne part from the Bug – senior brigadier Sławomir Pietrzak from the Wyszków fire brigade told us on Friday.

About 80 people worked there – not only firefighters, but also soldiers of the Territorial Defense Forces. – They were strengthening the embankments over a distance of about 300 meters – added the firefighter. On Friday, there was one intervention related to covering the property with bags.

Sławomir Pietrzak emphasized that the decreasing water level does not mean that the flood threat has passed.

Flood alert in five counties

On Tuesday, the Masovian Voivode issued an order to announce a flood alarm in the following poviats: Wołomiński, Wyszków, Ostrowski, Węgrowski and Siedlce.

The message emphasized that the situation on the Bug River is dynamic due to the extensive ice cover, which breaks and creates ice jams. This causes local damming of water and flooding of roads and properties. “In the Wyszków poviat, the greatest risk of flooding concerns: the towns of Młynarze and Słopsk in the Zabrodzie commune, the Wyszków commune, the Brańszczyk commune” – it was indicated.

The high water level on the Bug is caused by thaws and accumulating ice floes.

Masovian Voivodeship. Flood alert in five countiestvn24.pl

Main photo source: TVN24

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