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Wągrowiec. She was riding a bicycle, she died in an accident. There is a judgment regarding the failure to help Anna Karbowniczak, a journalist from Głos Wielkopolski

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The driver and passenger of the car that fatally hit the journalist of “Głos Wielkopolski” were sentenced on Monday. Before the court, however, they were not responsible for causing the fatal accident, but for failing to help the injured woman. The District Court in Wągrowiec (Greater Poland Voivodeship) sentenced the driver and his passenger to a suspended prison sentence. The judgment is not final.

September 3, 2020 around 14, on the road between Budzyń and Wągrowiec near Brzekiniec (Greater Poland), a tragic event took place. A 35-year-old woman riding a sports bike was hit by a car. She died instantly. As it turned out, it was a journalist from “Głos Wielkopolski”.

The perpetrator escaped. A random woman found the cyclist’s body.

The police found the car that had been involved in the accident the next day. – The car was hidden in the Gołańcz commune. In connection with the case, the police detained three people aged 25 to 33: the owner of the car, his brother and a distant family member, informed Andrzej Borowiak, a spokesman for the Greater Poland Police. Opel was already prepared for repair.

Two days after the accident, police detained a man and a woman, Opel passengers.

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They heard the charges, but the investigators dropped them

One of the detainees, 25 years old Maciej N. the owner of the car heard the accusations in connection with the accident. He is a resident of Wągrowiec. According to “Głos Wielkopolski”, when he was arrested by the police, the man was under the influence of amphetamines.

According to the prosecutor Łukasz Wawrzyniak from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Poznań, the man during the interrogation said that after the accident he ran away because he did not have a driving license with him. He was to assure that he did not know what he had hit and believed that he had hit the animal.

The prosecution initially charged him with causing a fatal accident and fleeing the scene.


In the course of the investigation, based on the opinion of a court expert, it was found that the journalist was guilty of causing the accident. She was supposed to force the priority by riding the bike from the minor road and driving directly under the oncoming bus.

Only the driver and passengers were charged with the indictment. And the only accusation they heard was the failure to help the victim. The investigation into the fatal accident was discontinued.

A blue bus hit a journalist from WielkopolskaKWP w Poznaniu / twitter @BorowiakPolicja

Court: he got scared because he was driving without a driving license

The driver, Maciej N., and the passenger of the car, Oliwia P., were accused of failing to help the journalist. During the proceedings, they submitted applications for voluntary submission to punishment. On Monday, the District Court in Wągrowiec – taking into account the requests – handed down a conviction. The court sentenced Maciej N. to one year’s imprisonment with a conditional suspension of its execution for three years. Oliwia P. was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for two years. Maciej N. and Oliwia P. were also placed under the supervision of a probation officer, moreover, they must inform the court in writing about the course of the trial every three months. The court also imposed fines on them. In the justification of the judgment, Judge Agnieszka Węgorek referred to the expert’s opinion, who pointed out that the journalist “after the accident was in a position that posed an immediate risk of losing her life”.


And she was paying attention to the driver’s words. – The accused himself, Maciej N. pointed out that “something” hit the hood, then the windshield, and when he drove away a bit further, he saw a bicycle. He also indicated that a woman suddenly appeared. He got scared because he was driving without a driver’s license, he didn’t want to go to jail, so he left. The accused Oliwia P. also pointed to the talks conducted in the place where the car was hidden – this directly indicates the defendants’ awareness that Maciej N. had hit a man – the judge noted. As the judge added, the place of the incident allowed for an immediate, safe stopping of the car and providing help, but the accused did not stop to check what happened to the cyclist, they did not decide to help her, for example by calling an ambulance. – The accused were not interested in the victim’s fate in any way, taking only steps to protect them from possible criminal liability for the event – the judge noted. The judgment issued on Monday by the District Court in Wągrowiec is not final.

The experts will recreate the course of the accident

It is possible that this is not the only trial in this case. By the decision of the National Prosecutor’s Office, experts from the Institute of Forensic Expertise of prof. Jan Sehn in Krakow they are to recreate the course of a road accident.

Earlier, the investigators relied on an expert opinion, which showed that it was the 35-year-old who had caused the accident and discontinued the proceedings.

The complaint was lodged by the lawyer of the deceased family. At the same time, the journalists of “Głos Wielkopolski” asked for an opinion on another expert. The latter questioned the findings of an expert appointed by the prosecutor’s office. According to his findings, it was the driver who was to blame for the accident. If it were to be confirmed, Maciej N. would be responsible for causing a fatal accident and fleeing the scene.

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Main photo source: Greater Poland Police

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