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Wałbrzych. After 10 years, he returned to Poland and ended up behind bars

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After the sentence, he disappeared from Poland. He was hiding in the Netherlands, where he got into more trouble. He hoped that by returning to the country after 10 years and changing his appearance, he would avoid punishment. Failed to.

Criminals from the Wałbrzych police station noticed a man who looked similar to the wanted person, who was convicted years ago for a series of crimes. Their suspicions were quickly confirmed. A check in the police databases showed that he was a wanted criminal for ten years.

– A wanted letter was issued for the man years ago, as well as the European Arrest Warrant, in connection with his committing a crime also in the Netherlands. He stayed there every day, but he hoped that by returning to Poland and completely changing his appearance, he would avoid criminal liability – informs the junior asp. Tomasz Nowak from the Wałbrzych police.

He returned to Poland and ended up behind barsWalbrzych police

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He will spend nearly five years in prison

It failed, the 32-year-old will now have to serve a sentence of four years and eight months in prison for participating in a robbery in Poland, using another person’s identity document and evading the maintenance obligation for many years, and for drug offenses in the Netherlands.

He was transported to the Remand Center in Świdnica, from where he will be transferred to one of the prisons.

Main photo source: Walbrzych police

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