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Wałbrzych. Behavior of babysitters in the nursery recorded by a parent – material “Attention!” TVN24

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The father of a girl attending a nursery in Wałbrzych recorded the behavior of babysitters with the help of a hidden voice recorder. A reporter from “Notes!” TVN Maciej Dopierala. You can hear how women use profanity against their charges and scare children by locking them in a “room”.

The case concerns three carers working in nursery number 6 in Wałbrzych. Reporter “Notes!” TVN Maciej Dopierała reached the recordings, which were recorded by Mr. Piotr, the father of a 2-year-old attending the nursery, with the help of a dictaphone hidden in his child’s clothes.

Shocking footage from the city nursery. Watch the reportage “Notes!”

Babysitters from the nursery in Wałbrzych recorded

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A few months ago, when Mr. Piotr’s daughter went to a group of seniors, her parents noticed disturbing behavior in her. We saw that he wasn’t having fun. Later there were bruises on the legs and scratches. When I put my hand on it, it fit as if someone was trying to change a diaper and forcefully held the baby’s legs. The daughter woke up at night (and screamed – ed.): “No, no, no!” – he reported in an interview with “Attention!”.

On the recordings you can hear, among other things, how one of the babysitters turns to the children: “Okay, k …, to the tables.” – B., eat normally. What are you doing? K …, such a pedal hit. Other normal children play normally. And this one not only howls all the time, but also does not know how to play – you can hear it on another fragment of the recording.

The babysitters used profanity towards the children, calling them “faggot”, “underdeveloped”, “crippled”, saying “she has a disgusting face”. – The poop is kept in the ass and carried home. K …, little girl – one of the women addressed the ward.

Children in the nursery in Wałbrzych were to be threatened with being locked in a “room”. Material “Notes!” TVN“Attention!” TVN

Within five days, the man recorded a total of several hours of recordings. – That we did not believe it, what is there on these recordings, what insults are being made against these children – Mr. Piotr told the journalist “Notes!”.

– I can’t sleep after such recordings. When I hear all this, I dream about it at night. It is unthinkable for me to be mentally abused in such a way. This is psychological abuse of children.

Threats of being locked up in a “room”

The recordings show that children were also to be intimidated and locked in a “room”. Reporter “Notes!” he pointed out that it could have been a dark storage compartment for mattresses.

“Calm down? Will you go sit there or go to the room?”, “Hush, do you want to go to the room? It’s quiet”, “Calm down P., really, because I will lock you like J. in the room” – the threats of the babysitters that were recorded on the recordings sound .

– We don’t use the word “room” at all. If you say “room”, she will get up and she will be paralyzed – said the father of the 2-year-old. He added that the child, when asked if he was locked “in a room” and whether he was afraid of a “room”, answered in the affirmative.

Babysitters and headmistress fired

Mr. Piotr showed the recordings to the director of the facility before she was dismissed. – At this point, I am shocked that you, apart from the first instance, which is the director at the facility, arbitrarily record, give the case somewhere. (…) You know what, I’m just shocked – said the woman, whose reaction was also captured by the father of the 2-year-old.

– I do not know what to do with it. I can only apologize to you, right? And that’s it. Go ahead,’ the woman added.

Reporter “Notes!” met with the spokesman of the city office, Edward Szewczak, to whom he showed the recordings. – This is absolutely reprehensible behavior. It is impossible to pass over it on the agenda – declared the official, announcing that action will be taken on this matter.

Fragments of recordings recorded by Mr. Piotr in the nursery in Wałbrzych. Material “Notes!” TVN“Attention” TVN

The city authorities reported on Thursday that the women allegedly engaged in verbal aggression, used profanity in the presence of children, and behaved inappropriately. Officials said that the babysitters and the director of the facility were immediately removed from work and fired. A psychologist entered the nursery and help was provided to the children and parents. The prosecutor’s office was informed about the case.

– These kids are sad. You can’t hear them enjoying these recordings. These kids are intimidated. This is a long work of psychologists and I think that it is absolutely necessary for the local government to finance it, because it is not taking care of them, assessed Mr. Piotr.

Main photo source: “Attention” TVN

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