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Wałbrzych. He littered the bus stop with sunflower husks. This wasn't the end of his problems

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Police officers from Wałbrzych (Lower Silesia) detained a 30-year-old man who stole 31 metal figurines depicting Christ from a cemetery. The man attracted the attention of a police patrol when he littered a bus stop with sunflower husks.

On May 1, on Aleja Wyzwolenia in Wałbrzych, a police patrol noticed two men at a bus stop. One of them drank alcohol, the other ate sunflower seeds and threw the shells on the ground. The officers fined them for offenses.

“The officers were curious about a bag that one of them had with him. It turned out that inside it there were 31 metal figurines with the image of Jesus Christ,” we read in the police statement.

Figurines stolen from the Wałbrzych cemeteryLower Silesian Police

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They were supposed to be scrapped

Staff aspirant Agnieszka Głowacka-Kijek from the press office of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Wałbrzych said that according to uniform findings, the 30-year-old had stolen figurines from the parish cemetery at Poznańska Street several minutes earlier. – The man wanted to cut up the stolen metal elements and sell them at a scrap yard – she added. The resident of Wałbrzych was arrested. He will soon be charged with robbing a burial place. He faces up to eight years in prison.

People who take care of the graves of their loved ones and notice the theft of metal elements from tombstones can report it to the Second Police Station in Wałbrzych at 7 Psie Pole Street.

The man stole 31 metal figurinesLower Silesian Police

The 30-year-old faces up to eight years in prisonLower Silesian Police

tvn24.pl, Lower Silesian Police, PAP

Main photo source: Lower Silesian Police

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