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Wałbrzych. Roman Szełemej may return to work in the hospital. Hospital management: he did not start work

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The president of Wałbrzych and cardiologist Roman Szełemej demanded that he be restored to work in the hospital before the court. The court decided to reinstate Szełemej to work. The local government official showed up at the facility on Monday, but left it quickly. – I heard that the judgment is understood differently by the management – he told journalists. In turn, the management announced in a statement that the president had not started work.

On Friday, the labor court in Świdnica (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship) issued a judgment in the case of Roman Szełemej, the president of Wałbrzych and a cardiologist with whom the Specialist Hospital A. Sokołowski in Wałbrzych terminated – in the fall of 2021 – the employment contract. The local government official argued from the very beginning that the hospital’s decision was a political action, so he decided to go to court.

The court – with a non-final decision – decided to reinstate Szełemej to work under the previous working and pay conditions

The president reported to the management

She had won the case before the court and was to be – in accordance with the decision – reinstated. The president of Wałbrzych showed up at the hospital on Monday morning. And he quickly left the facility. – I applied – in accordance with the earlier agreement – to the management. The management read the court’s judgment of 15 July. The verdict brings me back to work as a specialist doctor, and also restores me to work as a doctor in charge of the ward. I heard that the judgment is understood differently by the management – Szełemej told journalists. And he added: – I have not yet been formally adopted. I think that a moment of reflection will be needed on the part of the management. I have the impression that the attempt to interpret the judgment is an expression of a hasty decision of the management, but I hope that it will be clarified very soon.

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Management: did not start work

The management issued a statement on this matter. In it she emphasized that the hospital “respects the invalid sentence” and “allowed Mr. Roman Szełemej to return to work under the current conditions to the position held at the time of termination of the employment contract”. “The employment relationship provides for about a quarter of a full-time job, on average two hours a day, at the position of a specialist doctor. However, entrusting the duties of the doctor in charge of the ward was concluded for a definite period and expired on March 9, 2022.” – underlined in the statement. The hospital – referring to the “welfare and safety of patients” – indicates that the duties of the head of the department “cannot be performed in such a short time”.

The hospital informed that the president of Wałbrzych did not start work on Monday. According to the facility, he also refused to accept a referral for preliminary preventive examinations and did not accept the proposed organization of work in the cardiology department.

Hospital statement on the return of Roman Szełemej to workHospital of Alfred Sokołowski in Wałbrzych

He became president, limited work in the hospital

Szełemej was associated with the hospital in Wałbrzych since the 1980s. During this time, he successively climbed up the career ladder. He went from a private physician, through the head of the cardiology department, to the position of director of the facility. When in 2011 he became the mayor of the city, he resigned from some of his medical duties. Recently, before Szełemej was fired, he was employed in the hospital on a quarter-time basis as a physician in charge of the cardiology department.

At the beginning of September, “Super Express” announced that in the first half of 2021, from January to July, the local government member earned PLN 402,000 there, and only PLN 109,000 in July alone. As explained by the hospital authorities, this amount consisted of: basic salary, bonuses and a jubilee award. – The amount of my remuneration is mainly due to the duty hours at the SOR, which I took very often due to staff shortages, as well as the award for 35 years of work – he said then in an interview with “SE” Szełemej.

The hospital talked about the violations, the president about the “political decision”

Immediately after the publication, the Lower Silesian Voivodship Office announced an inspection in the hospital regarding – as reported – the earnings of the President of Wałbrzych working in this facility and the positions held by him. Then the hospital. A. Sokołowski said in a statement that the employment contract with President Szełemej was terminated by the decision of the hospital management.

“The decision is justified by a gross violation of the basic employee duties, and this is the obligation to care for the welfare of the workplace, expressed in causing disorganization of the hospital’s work, undermining the competence of the supervisor – acting as the hospital director, the duty of reliable and effective work, compliance with the agreed working hours, compliance with the regulations work, expressed in violation of the provisions of the work regulations in the field of confirming working time with the use of contactless cards, non-compliance with the working time established in the workplace, including arbitrary leaving the hospital during duty hours, irregularities in the settlement of working time, failure to comply with the Employer’s instructions, failure to perform the duties of the Head Doctor Department of Cardiology “- it was written in the statement.

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The hospital management also decided that combining the function of the mayor with work in the hospital “is at the expense of neglecting the duties towards patients and the hospital.”

The spokesman of the voivodeship marshal explains the reasons for the dismissal of Szełemej (September 2021)TVN24 Wrocław

In response to the declaration of the clinic, Szełemej published his own. “After 36 years of uninterrupted work, I was thanked for my dedication, for the effort that we and my colleagues put in to make our hospital good, unique and to treat patients not only from Wałbrzych. The reasons for this sudden dismissal are not substantive. opinions are political. This is an obvious revenge for the fact that, together with the management and many other people, we defended the hospital against marginalization. The termination violates the procedures of the Labor Code, so we will certainly meet in court “- we read in the statement.

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