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Wałbrzych. The 15-year-old was allegedly involved in the “police officer” and “grandson” scams. She was collecting cash from seniors

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Police officers from Wałbrzych (Lower Silesian Voivodeship) detained a 15-year-old girl who was allegedly involved in crimes “for a policeman” and “for a granddaughter”. Her job was to collect cash from manipulated seniors.

According to the findings of the police, in the period from May 22 to 25 this year, there were three extortions of a large amount of cash in Wałbrzych – a total of over 100,000. zloty. The victims were seniors who believed the story of scammers posing as police officers.

“The perpetrators in each case acted with the same method, informing women aged 69 to 86 that their money was at risk and needed to be secured by law enforcement as soon as possible so that it would not fall into the wrong hands” – explained Kom. Marcin Świeży from Municipal Police Headquarters in Wałbrzych.

Wałbrzych. She was supposed to cheat the elderly

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The police managed to establish the identity of the person responsible for collecting the money. It turned out that a 15-year-old girl was recruited for this type of crime. Wałbrzyszanka was handed over to uniformed officers on Wednesday morning in one of the apartments in the city.

“During further procedural activities, the uniforms proved to the teenager that she had committed another similar crime, but this time in Kłodzko. On March 23 this year, the 15-year-old received over PLN 40,000 from the victim in the 89-year-old case, which was supposed to be a bail for her “granddaughter” for causing a fatal accident in the area German– reported Fresh.

The 15-year-old was involved in crimes against a policeman and against her grandsonKWP Wroclaw

The family court will now decide the fate of the teenager. The police emphasize that the case is developing and further arrests of people involved in this procedure are possible.

Main photo source: KWP Wroclaw

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