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Wałbrzych. The drunk driver was crazy in the parking lot, then he pulled out onto the road

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The 24-year-old from Wałbrzych (Lower Silesia) showed off his skills behind the wheel by spinning donuts in the parking lot. Then he hit the road. The journey ended a few hundred meters away, on the lane dividing the road.

Policemen from Wałbrzych received a report regarding the driver’s behavior in the parking lot at Kasztanowa Street. They went to the place. – It turned out that the driver had already left for the public road. However, a few hundred meters away, the man’s journey ended when, after losing control of the vehicle, he drove into the lane dividing the road, damaging the car – reports junior aspirant Przemysław Ratajczyk from the press team of the Lower Silesian police.

The policemen from Wałbrzych received a notification at night regarding the driver’s behavior in the parking lot at Kasztanowa StreetKPP Wałbrzych

Drunk driver

The driver was tested with a breathalyzer. Then it turned out that he was drunk, he had nearly two per mille of alcohol in his body. Its passenger, who had almost three blood counts, “was barely on his feet,” the police say.

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First it “drifted” in the parking lot, then crashed on the roadKPP Wałbrzych

– The driver was stopped by the driving license and his car was taken to a guarded parking lot. Now the suspect will be brought to trial. For driving under the influence and causing a threat to road safety, he may be imprisoned for up to two years, a driving ban and a large fine – Ratajczyk enumerates. As he emphasizes, the reaction of the inhabitants of Wałbrzych, who alerted the police, deserves praise.

Main photo source: KPP Wałbrzych

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