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Walcz. The car went off the road and rolled over. The seven-year-old saved himself and his mother

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The car went off the road and rolled over. When the police arrived at the scene, a seven-year-old boy, a passenger in the vehicle, began to calmly tell them what happened and how he freed himself and his mother, who was driving the car.

The incident occurred on national road “22” towards Gdańsk. The police received a report that a car had left the road and overturned. When they arrived, they saw a small boy and a woman on the road behind guardrails.

– Younger midshipman Magdalena Kucal approached the terrified woman who had been driving a moment earlier, but it was her seven-year-old son who started answering the policewoman’s questions. The boy did not cry and calmly talked about the incident. As the police initially determined, the driver lost control of the vehicle on a bend in the road, and then the car went off the road and overturned – we read in a statement from the Wałcz police.

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He took the keys from the wrecked car

The several-year-old immediately extended his hand to the officer, in which he held the keys to both the vehicle and the house. According to the police, Jaś said that nothing happened to him because he was wearing a seat belt. In the conversation with the policewoman, he was very concerned about the health of his mother, with whom he initially could not establish contact.

However, after a while, as he said, he freed first himself and then his terrified mother from the seat belts. After that, they got out of the car and, for safety, stood behind the guardrails, waiting for help. Fortunately, nothing happened to both of them and after a medical examination at the hospital in Wałcz, where they were admitted, they were able to return home.

A rescuer for a little hero

Jaś and his mother live in Greater Poland. For his heroic attitude, the boy will receive a Ratowiś Teddy Bear in the mail, a card thanking him for his brave attitude and other small surprises. Firefighters also gave the boy a stuffed animal.

Main photo source: Wałcz police

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