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Wales. Will there be a penalty for lying in politics? Radosław Sikorski has spoken out

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As reported by the British “The Guardian”, the Welsh government has committed to introducing a “world-first” law that would make lying in politics illegalWelsh MPs say the decision is a “historic moment” that will combat the threat that lying in politics poses to democracy.

– We are at the beginning of a global movement. We are going to make political lies illegal – said MP Adam Price. According to him “truth is the essence of democracy“, but currently there is a noticeable decline in trust in politicians. – Democracy begins to fall apart if voters cannot trust what the elected say – he argued.

Wales. Lying in politics punished? Radosław Sikorski reacts

There was an emotional debate on the matter on Tuesday. The Welsh Government’s chief legal adviser Mick Anthony He said the bill would be implemented before the next election. – The Welsh Government will introduce legislation before 2026 to enable the disqualification of members and candidates (of Parliament – ed.) found guilty of intentional fraud through an independent judicial process, he said.

Interestingly, Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski commented on the project. In a post on social media, he indicated that he supports the introduction of similar regulations in Poland. “I am in favor of a similar solution in Poland for politicians and journalists.” – he stated.

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Wales. Lying in politics could become illegal. Severe penalties

Mick Antoniw pointed out that the details of the act still need to be worked out and for this purpose he called for non-partisan cooperation. Currently, the new regulations have been supported by both ruling and opposition politicians.

The BBC reported that if the resolution were to come into force, it would the politician would have 14 days to withdraw his false statementsIf convicted, the politician would be banned from practicing his profession for four years.

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