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Wall on the border with Belarus. General Mirosław Różański comments

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The draft law on the construction of a barrier on the border with Belarus was commented on in “Kropka nad i” by General Mirosław Różański, president of the Stratpoints foundation and former General Commander of the Armed Forces. – Let’s even assume that this wall will be built on the border with Belarus. What is our guarantee that Ukraine will not become a transfer country for refugees? he said. In his opinion, this is not the direction that should be adopted in order to secure the borders and solve the crisis.

On Tuesday evening, the Council of Ministers adopted by circulation the draft act on the construction of state border security proposed by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration. The project is currently being dealt with by the Seym. The act is to define the rules for the preparation and implementation of security – barriers – on the Polish border constituting the external border of the EU. The investment will be a public goal. Its estimated cost in the Regulatory Impact Assessment is PLN 1 615 million. The Public Procurement Law will not be applied to contracts related to the construction of the barrier. Orders will be controlled by the Central Anticorruption Bureau.


General Mirosław Różański said on Wednesday in “Kropka nad i” that “when he got acquainted with the amount that is dedicated to this project, he immediately associated situations such as buying respirators, taking off masks that were not useful for anything” . – How you can spend over 615 million in an uncontrolled way, without any procedures. If we already entrust control over this project to an institution, from which millions are in turn paid in advertising bags, it is probably frivolous treatment of the matter – he assessed.

The general stated that “no physical security that is used in the world will protect against what Poland has today as far as the Polish-Belarusian border is concerned.”

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– Let’s even assume that this wall will be built on the border of these 418 kilometers (the length of the border with Belarus – ed.). What guarantee do we have that there will not be a situation that will mean that unstable Ukraine may also become a transfer for these refugees? – he noticed.

– I think that this is not the direction that should be adopted – on the one hand – to secure our borders, and on the other hand, to solve the crisis that actually exists and was caused by Lukashenka, assessed the former General Commander of the Armed Forces.

Main photo source: TVN24

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