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Wall on the border with Belarus. Marek Biernacki, the former minister of the interior and the coordinator of special services, comments

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Marek Biernacki, former interior minister and coordinator of secret services, commented in “Rozmowa Piasecki” on the draft law on the construction of a wall on the border with Belarus. – If it is an electronic barrier, staffed with cameras, it may prevent these accidents in the future – he said.

The draft of a special act on the construction of a wall on the border with Belarus was submitted to the Sejm. The investment is to be carried out without a tender and under the supervision of the CBA. The construction is to cost approximately PLN 1 billion 600 million.


Marek Biernacki, a member of the Polish Coalition, former minister of the interior and coordinator of special services, was a guest of the Thursday issue of “Rozmowy Piasecki” on TVN24. He was asked if, in his opinion, such a wall would end the ongoing migration crisis at the border. – This wall, if it will be a concrete wall, not. If it is an electronic barrier, staffed with cameras, it may prevent these accidents in the future. But this barrier must first be built – he replied.

Asked whether, after the debate in the Sejm on this bill, he has an idea of ​​what the rulers want to put forward, Biernacki replied that based on his knowledge and knowledge of parliamentary committees, he knew what security the Border Guard would like.

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The host of the program, Konrad Piasecki, asked here if the Border Guard would like an electronic barrier, and the government would like a concrete wall. – Yes. This is what it looks like after these speeches by Minister Wąsik (deputy head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, Maciej), and such various statements and comments show that the government would like a concrete wall, as big as in Afghanistan, replied Biernacki. When asked if it was a wall between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Biernacki confirmed, noting that electronic barriers had been created in Sinai.

Concrete wall near BethlehemAnna Kwaśny / tvn24.pl

According to Biernacki, “good electronic security would make the (migration – ed.) Route ineffective”. – That it will not be profitable to lead people this way, to provoke them, because this border will react very quickly – he described.

When asked what to do with people who would find themselves at the border, Biernacki stated that “nobody will push themselves to the Polish border then, because Lukashenka will not provoke it, because he will know that the border will be tight”.

What about push backs?

The program also asked about the appropriateness of using push backs and whether Biernacki also thinks in this context that the tight border the better. – Yes of course. If the border were not tight, we would have (several) tens of thousands of people – he replied. He also assessed that the situation of the border was aggravated by a state of emergency. – The extension of the state of emergency will lead to an even worse situation that these people will die, and this is probably what Mr Lukashenka is about – he added.

Biernacki: we are lonely, no role in NATO, we are undermining the European UnionTVN24

In his opinion, are push backups humanely, morally and legally justified? – It’s hard to judge. If we are talking about humanitarianism, I am talking primarily about introducing humanitarian organizations there, so that, for example, in Usnarz (Górny) we could provide help, said Biernacki.

When asked whether such procedures should be applied, he replied that “if the Border Guard had not used push back, we would have had (several) tens of thousands of migrants”.

Biernacki further assessed that in the current crisis, “we are lonely”. – There is no role in NATO, we undermine the European Union – he argued. – A democratic state should solve it with democratic methods, with the greatest possible respect for the rights of the citizen – he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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