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Walter Cunningham is dead. The last member of the Apollo 7 crew died at the age of 90

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NASA astronaut Walter Cunningham has died at the age of 90 in Houston. The cause of death was given as “complications after a fall”.

“Today we mourn the passing of Walt Cunningham: U.S. Marine, Patriot and Apollo astronaut. Cunningham spent 11 days in low Earth orbit during the Apollo 7 mission, the first manned Apollo flight. He was instrumental in the success of our Moon landing program,” she tweeted. NASA.

The last member of the Apollo 7 crew has died

Walter Cunningham was the last surviving crew member of Apollo 7, the program’s first manned mission, followed by 12 more, including a series of lunar landings.

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In 1968, Cunningham, along with Walter Schirra and Donn Eisele, made an 11-day low-Earth orbit flight. The purpose of the mission was to test the Apollo spacecraft before the first flight to the moon less than a year later.

Walter Cunningham died at the age of 90Reuters

The flight followed the tragic death of the Apollo 1 crew, who burned in their craft during ground tests in January 1967.

The Apollo 7 mission, which splashed down in the Atlantic south of Bermuda, was so successful that NASA decided to send another Apollo 8 crew to fly around the moon, although not yet landing. It didn’t happen until July 1969, when Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, members of the crew of Apollo 11, stood on the Silver Globe.

“Walt Cunningham was a fighter pilot, physicist and entrepreneur, but most of all a researcher whose work helped lay the groundwork for the new Artemis lunar program,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

Walter CunninghamNASA

Main photo source: NASA

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