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Want to start exercising in the new year? The physiotherapist advises where to start

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Increasing physical activity is a point that often appears on our New Year’s resolution list. According to Dr. Kamil Klupiński, a physiotherapist, movement has a health-promoting effect on our body. So it’s worth starting to run, swim or go to the gym, but all this should be done with your head to avoid injury.

The beginning of the new year is a good time for many of us to implement New Year’s resolutions, for example related to increasing physical activity. – Increasing physical activity, which many people plan as part of their New Year’s resolutions, is a good idea, because movement has a pro-health effect on our body. It keeps our body in good condition, increases performance and efficiency. It improves the range of motion of the joints, strengthens the muscles, and has a positive effect on mental health. However, activity, especially undertaken after a break, should be rationally adjusted to the current physical capabilities of our body, said Dr. Kamil Klupiński, physiotherapist.

Running ‘the simplest and cheapest form of exercise’

Many people planning to do sports keep in mind the fact that activity contributes to the reduction of body fat. According to the physiotherapist, if we want to achieve this goal, we must realize that it is possible only with proper diet and regularity. In his opinion, it is best to run, go to the gym or swimming pool every other day. – The simplest and cheapest form of movement is running, which moves our joints, strengthens muscles and increases efficiency. However, even when deciding on this popular form of exercise, we must pay attention to several factors that will help to avoid injury. The key is, among other things, choosing the right surface. It is good to run on soft ground – grass or earth, and if we do not have access to special running tracks, then, for example, in the park we should choose alleys on which there are no paving slabs or asphalt. Another important issue is the fit of running shoes – emphasized Klupiński. In his opinion, running and any other training should start with a warm-up – stretching the muscles and moving the joints. We start running with a jog. Every day we increase the distance and pace. Each run should also end with a post-workout warm-up – again, it should be a jog – to calm down the overloaded body.

Burning calories during individual activitiesAdam Ziemienowicz/PAP

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Nordic walking

Many people, including the elderly, choose Nordic walking – walking with the use of specialized poles. During this activity, a lot of muscles work, while the joints are relieved. In addition, the pressure on the cartilage and joint surfaces is significantly reduced, which leads to a reduction of pain of articular origin over time. Nordic walking can be practiced regardless of the season.

Nordic walkingAnna Zajkowska, Maria Samczuk/PAP

A safe and low-injury form of recreation, recommended at any age, is cycling. It allows you to burn calories quickly and is especially recommended for people with high cholesterol levels in the blood, because it helps to reduce the level of its LDL fraction. LDL cholesterol is the fraction that is responsible for the cholesterol particles from the liver to be delivered to the tissues of the body. It’s the “bad” cholesterol.

Cycling – only with a helmetMaria Samczuk, Adam Ziemienowicz/PAP

Swimming can help with high blood pressure or back pain. – In order not to hurt yourself, you should plan the implementation of New Year’s resolutions in advance, giving yourself some time to gain fitness. We shouldn’t expect to get up from the couch and run many kilometers at once, or do an impressive number of exercises with maximum load in the gym – emphasized Klupiński. According to the expert, you should not be afraid of strength exercises, which many people associate with only the so-called. making a sculpture. Meanwhile, in the gym, we can primarily strengthen the muscles not to proudly present them to the environment, but to ensure proper performance of physical activities and control body posture. Beginners or seniors can start with exercises using the resistance of their own body, and then auxiliary equipment – weights, gums, medicine balls. The essence of these exercises is to gradually increase the resistance against working muscles.

It’s worth going to the gym

The fact that you do not have to be afraid of the gym, and it is even worth visiting to protect yourself from injuries, is confirmed by the results of research conducted in the 1990s by the American doctor Robert Lehnhard, who tracked injuries in men playing in a football team for four years . For the first two years, none of them did strength training, for the next two they did it regularly, and as a result, the incidence of injuries in this group decreased by almost half, because while initially it was 15.5 per 1,000 exposures, after the introduction of strength training only 8 out of 1,000 exposure. If someone has never been to the gym before, wonders how to organize such a training, or is it enough to read about it on the internet? But will a personal trainer be needed? – I would be careful with advice from the internet, because you can find all sorts of things there, both good and bad, and sometimes just not suitable for a budding amateur athlete. Consultation with a sports physiotherapist or a personal trainer in the gym will certainly help in choosing a set of exercises that will be appropriate for our level. Training will then be more pleasant, more effective and we will protect ourselves from injuries – said the physiotherapist.

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