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War in Israel. Iran is evacuating officers from Syria, fearing retaliation

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According to “WSJ”, Tehran announced that it is preparing its air force for strikes, and Iran's navy will escort Iranian merchant ships in the Red Sea.

Additionally, the daily reports, citing Syrian and Iranian officials, that the regime began evacuating personnel from sites in Syriawhere Iran's Revolutionary Guards are stationed.

The US appeals to Israel to prevent escalation

High-ranking Guardian officers and representatives supported by Iran Lebanese Hezbollah they have already withdrawn from Syriaand middle-level officers change their place of residence within the country.

USA and others Western and Arab countries are putting pressure on Tel Aviv, so as not to escalate the conflict. According to those quoted by “WSJ” IsraelIsraeli officials have not yet decided how to respond.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his thanks the foreign ministers of Germany and Great Britain, who visited Israel, for their support. At the same time, he assured that Israel will make its own decisions regarding its security. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, also spoke on the matter, stating that the Iranian attack means “a turn towards open confrontation“.

Israel does not want to endanger Arab countries during retaliation

On Monday, in response to pressure, government representatives were to assure Arab countries that supported Israel in defending against Iranian fire that retaliation will not put them in danger and will be “likely limited in scale.”

Israel is also likely to warn these countries before taking action and limit the targets to Iranian installations in Syria.

Iran attack. Israel is preparing to retaliate

Saturday's attack on Israel using… a total of over 300 rockets and drones was Iran's retaliation for the attack on a diplomatic mission in Damascus, which resulted in the death of seven Revolutionary Guards officers.

Although Israeli forces have repeatedly struck Iran-related facilities in Syria, this attack sparked a violent response from Tehran due to the strike on a diplomatic facility. Israel claims that it was not a diplomatic mission, but The US is still trying to determine its nature.

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