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War in Israel. Netanyahu announces a new step. “We will transfer troops”

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This doesn't mean the war will end soon, but its intense phase will end, he said Benjamin Netanyahu in an interview on the right-wing station Channel 14. It was the first interview the prime minister gave to the Israeli media since the terrorist attack by the Palestinian organization Hamas October 7, 2023.

Netanyahu is moving troops north. “The intense phase of the war is ending”

– After the end of the intensive phase we will be able to transfer some of our forces to the north, and we will do it. Firstly and most importantly, for defense purposes, and secondly, so that evacuated residents can return to their homes, Netanyahu added.

Since the outbreak of the war in the Gaza Strip, it has controlled southern Lebanon and is supported by Iran Hezbollah regularly shells the territory of Israel, whose army returns fire. Tens of thousands of civilians were evacuated from the border areas of both countries. Clashes have recently intensified, raising fears of a full-scale war.

– If we can, we will solve it diplomatically, if not, we will use other means, but we will ensure the safety of the evacuated residents of the north of Israel – assured the Prime Minister.

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War in Israel. The Gaza Strip is in a humanitarian crisis

Netanyahu stressed that the aim of the operation in Gaza is to release the kidnapped hostages and eradicate the Hamas regime in the territory; declared that it would not agree to any “partial” agreement that did not guarantee this. He also stressed once again that does not agree that the Gaza Strip will be administered by the Palestinian Authority after the war.

In the October attack on Israel terrorists killed nearly 1,200 people and abducted 251, of whom 116 are still detained in the Gaza Strip. According to media estimates citing intelligence sources, 66 of them are already dead.

In response to the attack, the Israeli army launched an offensive in the Gaza Strip to eliminate Hamas. According to the Hamas-controlled administration, more than 37,500 people died there. people. As a result of the war Gaza is immersed in a massive humanitarian crisis.

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