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Saturday, February 24, 2024

War in Ukraine. 100,000 Ukrainian refugees lived in Warsaw

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According to the analysts of the Polish Economic Institute, after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Poland became the main transit and destination country for people fleeing the war. Within a year, over one and a half million refugees arrived, of which 100,000 settled in Warsaw.

As noted in the PIE analysis, since February 24, 2022, over 9.8 million people have been cleared at border crossings in the direction from Ukraine to Poland, and 7.9 million in the opposite direction. This means that almost 2 million people have left Ukraine permanently or for a longer period, analysts noted.

During the war year, they added, Poland became home to over 1.5 million Ukrainians. “Most of them came during the first stage of the war, i.e. in March-April, when about 1 million refugees arrived in Poland” – they recalled.

70 percent people who left for Poland were women, and 30 percent were men. Women aged 18-65 accounted for 47 percent. of the total, children and youth under the age of 18 accounted for another 40 percent. 4 percent of people who took refuge in Poland are elderly (over 65 years old) – experts pointed out in the latest issue of “Tygodnik Gospodarczy PIE”.

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refugees at the Central Station

Refugees at the Central Railway Station (photos from March 2022)refugees at the Central Station Concrete24

The main destinations are the largest cities

The main destinations for refugees were the largest cities in Poland. “There are currently over 100,000 Ukrainians who fled the war in Warsaw. They are followed by: Wrocław (44,500), Kraków (31,000), Poznań (26,000), Gdańsk (17,000 ) and Łódź (16,000)” – calculated.

According to analysts, the average drop in the number of refugees in counties in February this year compared to the record month (only for three counties it was not September) amounted to 30 percent. “Among the largest cities, only in Katowice the decrease was above the average (38%)” – it was noted.

In the other largest cities, the outflow of refugees was at the level of 10 percent. to 29 percent, which, according to experts, indicates the potential for further settlement. “The smallest losses of 10 percent were in Łódź and Szczecin” – they reported. Poviats from which proportionally the largest number of Ukrainians left compared to the peak moment were mainly in the following voivodeships: Podlaskie, Podkarpackie, Lubelskie and Mazowieckie. In the counties: Sokółka, Lubaczów, Łęczyński, Kraśnik and Płońsk, the number of refugees decreased by over 50 percent. – results from the data presented by PIE.

Most children in primary schools

It was added that along with the wave of refugees from Ukraine, children and young people who continue their education in Poland came to Poland. “188,000 refugee students from Ukraine use educational institutions in the country. 37,000 of them are children attending kindergarten” – analysts noted. The vast majority of students are children attending primary schools – there are 123,000 of them. The least, i.e. 21 thousand. refugees are taught in secondary schools – it was calculated.

Saturday is the 367th day of Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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