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War in Ukraine. A key decision regarding the F-16 for Ukraine. Outrage in Moscow

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Position Netherlands regarding attacks on military targets in Russia using F-16 fighters was said in an interview with Politico. As Kaisa Ollonggres emphasized, the position on this matter is the same as on any other weapon transferred from the Netherlands to Kiev.

– We only ask them to respect for international law and the right to defense, as specified in the United Nations Charter. This means that they will be able to use them (F-16 planes – ed.) to strike military targets, the politician said.

Dutch F-16 for Ukraine. Moscow's decisive reaction

He reacted to the statement coming from Amsterdam, among others deputy chairman of the international committee of the Russian Federation Council Vladimir Dzhabarov. According to the politician, the Russian military will target F-16 fighters and it is expected that they will be shot down successfully.

– Our fighters are no worse, if not better (…) If they attack our territory, we have every right to shoot them down – he emphasized.

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At the same time, a Russian parliamentarian said that the planes would most likely take off from airports in the west Ukrainea also nearby countries – Polish i Romaniawhich may also have serious consequences.

Earlier, he spoke about the F-16 aircraft that are to be included in the equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Lavrov. In an interview with the RIA Novosti propaganda agency, the diplomat emphasized that the transfer of this type of weapon is proof that the West wants to continue the war in Ukraine.

– Deliveries of American F-16 fighters will not change the situation on the line of combat contact. These planes will be destroyed, just like other types of weapons supplied to Ukraine by countries NATO. It should be borne in mind that F-16 fighters have long been the main means of supply under the so-called joint NATO nuclear missions. Therefore, the provision of these systems cannot be dismissed as a deliberate signaling activity in the nuclear sphere, he argued.

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