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War in Ukraine. A plot twist in Volchansk. The Ukrainians surrounded the Russians

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For several weeks, Russian troops occupied subsequent towns in the Kharkiv Oblast. An important moment was the entrance Wołczańsk with 17,000 inhabitants (data from 2020 – ed.). It turns out that Kyiv rebounds effectively previously lost lands.

In mid-May Moscow occupied the northern part of the city and several districts in the center of Wołczańsk. The Ukrainians launched a counterattack, driving the enemy out of the city center.

As we read, enemy troops were surrounded and cutting them off from help.

War in Ukraine. Fighting for Wołczańsk, Russians in retreat

“Ukrainian troops are regaining new positions in the north of Volchansk,” reported German war correspondent Julian Röpcke. He added that Russian troops retreat.

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Moscow began shelling the lost areas from the air. The following were used, among others: planes, rockets and artillery.

The correspondent confirmed that the Ukrainians used it German Biber tank bridges. The design made it possible to transfer reinforcements from the southern to the northern side of the city. The Russians were supposed to attack the bridge with drones, but most likely it was not damaged.

As reported by Bloomberg, the Armed Forces Ukrainy interrupted Russian advances on the front thanks to supplies of Western weapons.

Help from allies led to a stalemate. The Russian offensive attempt in the Kharkiv Oblast has stalled. Ukrainians report inflicting “very heavy losses” on enemy forces.

Bloomberg also noted failures in the Donetsk region. Moscow has been trying unsuccessfully to take control of the city of Chasiv Yar for months.

Source: UNIAN, “Bild”, Bloomberg

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