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War in Ukraine. A risky attack. Russia has lost a key radar

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Security Service drones Ukrainy hit the Russian strategic complex near Armiansk in Crimea – reports the Interfax-Ukraina agency, citing its sources. This is the second such surgery within a few days.

Crimea. Ukrainian drone attack. They destroyed strategic Russian equipment

Reports indicate that unmanned aerial vehicles were destroyed Russian mobile long-range radar station “Niebo-SWU”, which was used to control airspace and detect and track, among others. missiles, strategic and stealth aircraft.

The equipment was estimated to be worth approximately USD 100 million. “Enemy radar station it controlled a 380 km long section of the frontensuring the protection of occupiers' facilities on the territory of Crimea,” writes Interfax-Ukraina.

Citing its informant, the agency notes that they took part in the raid drones developed by the Security Service of Ukraine. – After the attack, space reconnaissance means turned off the station's signal emissions and it no longer registered them – the interlocutor claims.

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– The SBU special operation “blinded” Russian air defense on a large section of the front, the source said.

Armyansk is located on the Perekop Isthmus in the north-west of Crimea, through which the land route from the peninsula to mainland Ukraine leads.

Russia has lost a key radar. This is another such action

On Sunday, Ukrainian military intelligence said it had attacked long-range radar station “Voronezh M” located in Orsk, Orenburg Oblast, over 1.8 thousand km from the border.

A few days earlier, on May 23, information appeared that in the territory of the Krasnodar Krai Kiev attacked and damaged another radar station of this type – “Voronezh DM”. The reports were later confirmed by the Ukrainian authorities.

“Voronezh” it one of the most modern radar systems Moscow. It has a range of approximately 6.5 thousand. km and can simultaneously track 500 objects, including ATACMS long-range missiles.

Attacks in Russia. The US warns against destabilization

Ukrainian drone attacks on Russian strategic military complexes triggered concerns in the West. The Kremlin he could use this situation as a pretext for a nuclear retaliatory attack.

On Thursday, the Washington Post reported that U.S. officials told Ukraine they were concerned about recent attacks on ballistic missile early warning radars in Russia. United States they fear that they may disturb “strategic stability” between the US and Russia.

According to the daily, US representatives told Ukraine that recent attacks on Russian radars used, among others, to detect incoming nuclear strikes can be destabilizing and may trigger Russia's concern about US intentions.

Source: Interfax-Ukraina, Unian, “Washington Post”, PAP

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