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War in Ukraine. A Russian ship is burning. Hundreds of soldiers on board

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A fire broke out on a large Russian anti-submarine ship called “Admiral Levchenko”..

The Ukrainian news agency Unian reported that one of the electrical installations on board caught fire. The incident occurred during exercises of the Russian ship in the Barents Sea.

A Russian ship is burning. “Guys, don't interrupt”

The information was announced by the spokesman of the Polish Naval Armed Forces on his Facebook page Ukrainy. “Enemy equipment is on fire. More precisely, the large anti-submarine ship 'Admiral Levchenko' in the Barents Sea. The fight for survival continues“We hope in vain,” wrote Dmytro Pletenczuk.

“This is what happens when a 'superpower' receives sanctions from Ukraine,” he added. The ship was built in the last century by Russiawhich is why in the entry the spokesman joked that The Federation itself helps Ukraine fight enemy ships.

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“Training is going well. Guys, don't interrupt“- he wrote, addressing the words to the Russian crew of the ship. At the same time, he noted that they were on board several hundred crew.

War in Ukraine. The Russian ship went down

The military man ended the entry with the comment ” “Not 'Moscow', but not bad either“. He recalled the situation from two years ago.

In April 2022, Ukrainian forces severely damaged a Russian missile cruiser named “Moscow”. It was hit by a Ukrainian Neptun anti-ship missile.

Although the Russian side did not comment on the incident for a long time, it eventually admitted that the ship sank while being towed. The sinking of the cruiser was considered a serious blow to the image of the Russian Federation.

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