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War in Ukraine. A series of explosions in Crimea. Russia closed the Crimean Bridge

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As reported by “Ukraińska Pravda”, at 1:10 a.m. from Sunday to Monday People on and near the Crimean Bridge were asked to remain calm and following the instructions of “officers responsible for security”.

Crimea. A series of explosions – the Russians closed the Crimean Bridge

The Ukrainian portal reported explosions in Yevpatoria, Krasnoperekopsk, Dazhankoy, Bakhchisaray and other regions. The reports were also confirmed reports from residents of these areas. This was happening after a Ukrainian warplane hit a target in the territory Russiaas reported by Sky News television, based on a source in the Ukrainian military.

– This is the first ammunition of the Armed Forces Ukrainy fired from the air at a target on Russian territory – said the Sky News interlocutor, adding that although the damage assessment is still ongoing, the attack was considered accurate. The attack allegedly took place in the Belgorod region. Earlier, there were reports that explosions could be heard at a Russian ammunition depot located in the region. However, local authorities claimed that the attack was carried out by an “enemy drone”.

According to “Ukrainska Pravda” The Russians resumed traffic on the bridge at 1:56.

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General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: “To be continued”

Before noon Polish time, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published details of the night operation on social media. “Tonight, the Ukrainian Defense Forces launched successful strikes against one C-400 anti-aircraft missile division of the occupiers in the Dzhankoy district, and two enemy C-300 anti-aircraft missile divisions near the Black Sea and Evpatoria,” we read.

The staff emphasized in a statement that “none of the missiles fired were intercepted by the enemy's 'highly effective' air defense.”

“In certain areas, following the strikes of Ukrainian missiles, the operation of the S-300 / S-400 radar complexes was immediately suspended,” the Ukrainian services reported, adding that as a result of the successful action, Russia suffered significant losses in occupied Crimea.

“We continue to destroy the enemy! To be continued… Glory to Ukraine!” – announced the Ukrainians.

War in Ukraine. Will Kyiv hit the Crimean Bridge?

On the same days, maritime drones of the military intelligence of Ukraine (HUR) also destroyed two cutters of the local navy. As the German daily “Bild” speculated, These actions may suggest that the Ukrainians are planning to attack the Crimean Bridge in the near future.

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