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War in Ukraine and China-Russia relations. “NYT”: during the year, China supplied Russia with drones worth $ 12 million

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China has supplied Russia with drones and parts worth more than $12 million, the New York Times reported. According to the daily, this indicates “quiet cooperation” between the two countries. As the newspaper added, it is not known whether Chinese drones contain American technologies that would violate US sanctions laws following Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine.

As the newspaper reminded in Tuesday’s publication, although the administration of the US president Joe Biden vowed to crack down on companies that sell key technologies RussiaHowever, the constant flow of Chinese drones to Russia indicates that this will be difficult.

US sanctions against Russia introduced after its brutal attack on Ukraine failed to stop Moscow from importing drones, the New York Times wrote.

“NYT”: Since the beginning of the invasion, China has sold drones to Russia for over $12 million

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As we read, according to official Russian customs data obtained from a third-party data provider, within a year of the outbreak of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, China sold drones and drone parts to Russia for more than $12 million.

It is not known whether Chinese drones contain US technology that would violate US laws, the newspaper wrote. Complicated sales channels and unclear product descriptions in export data make it difficult to determine whether there are US components in Chinese products, which could violate US export controls. And the official sale is probably just part of a larger flow of technology through unofficial channels and other Russia-friendly countries such as Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Belarus, the daily explained.

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The result is a constant flow of new drones to Russia, which the country uses on the front in Ukraine. Restocking even the most basic drone models has become as important as replenishing ammunition, the New York Times pointed out.

A display of military equipment, including drones and drones, at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square during the 2019 military parade.WU HONG/EPA/PAP

Tightening Sino-Russian ties

China has become Russia’s greatest ally militarily, diplomatically and economically. They are one of the largest buyers of Russian oil, which helps finance the invasion of Ukraine, and they have also held joint military exercises with that country. Chinese leader Xi Jinping meets with President Vladimir Putin this weekwhich, according to American analysts, may mean that China is still considering selling weapons to the Russians.

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US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on Monday that the visit of the Chinese leader was a “diplomatic cover” for Moscow. He added that Russia has committed and will continue to commit war crimes.

though United States As they try to limit it, the world remains heavily dependent on Chinese electronics manufacturers and equipment assemblers, the New York Times wrote.

“This poses a challenge to export controls: the same device can be used by real estate people to evaluate properties and can be used in Ukraine for intelligence purposes,” said William A. Reinsch of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C., as quoted by a newspaper.

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Main photo source: WU HONG/EPA/PAP

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