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War in Ukraine. Another success for the Russians. They took advantage of the Ukrainians' mistake

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Continuation of the black series of the Ukrainian army. Kyiv is losing more towns in the Donetsk region. After occupying Avdiivka (a city with over 30,000 inhabitants before the war – ed.) in February, the Russians are entering smaller towns.

Russian troops occupied the village Arkhangelskoye. “They suffered heavy losses, which indicates the arrival of fresh ammunition for the Ukrainian defenders,” correspondent Julian Repke emphasized in the statement.

American military aid can affect morale Ukrainians. However, Moscow is not stopping and has already set its next target and is moving towards the town of Sokol.

Donbass. A fatal mistake, the Ukrainians lost the town

UNIAN writes that the Russians are escalating their actions on the front because they want to make the most of their opponents' weaknesses, waiting for military aid from the West.

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By the way, Ukrainian soldiers they cannot avoid mistakes. They lost their town a few days ago Ocheretyne near Avdiivka. There was a fatal error when rotating units on the front line.

Russians managed to slip through the first line of defense and take over the village. They are currently expanding their positions there.

War in Ukraine. Retreat in Donbas?

The minister announced the successes on the front on Friday during a meeting with the highest commanders Sergei Shoigu.

– Russian troops have occupied it since the beginning of the year 547 square kilometers of territory Ukrainy – he said. He added that the enemy was forced to flee west from several towns.

Shoigu also said that the Kremlin plans to increase supplies to the front.

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