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War in Ukraine. British general: Ukraine will be defeated this year

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General Richard Barrons, the former head of the British Joint Force Command in an interview with the BBC assessed that there was a “serious risk” that Ukraine will be defeated by Russia in 2024.

British general: Ukraine will feel it cannot win

According to Barrons, the reason is that “Ukraine will feel that it cannot win“And when it gets to that point, why would people want to continue fighting and dying to defend something that cannot be defended,” he said.

The portal notes that Ukraine 'not there yet'but is struggling with critical shortages of ammunition, soldiers, air defense and the specter of Russia preparing for a summer offensive.

War in Ukraine. Russia is planning a summer offensive

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– The shape of the upcoming Russian offensive is quite obvious, Barrons said. – We are watching Russia fighting on the front line, using a five-fold advantage in artillery and ammunition – he added.

As he said, “at some point in the summer” it is expected “major” Russian offensive, which will be more than just a slight shift on the front. The general believes that Russia may try to “break through” the Ukrainian defense lines. – If this happens, we risk that Russian forces will break through and the next one will break through they will occupy an area of ​​Ukraine where the Ukrainian army will be unable to stop them – he pointed out.

“The war will turn to Russia's advantage”

Doctor Jack Watling from the think tank The Royal United Services Institute points out that one of the challenges facing Ukraine is that the Russians “can choose where to engage their forces.” – There is a very long front line – he says, quoted by the BBC. – The Ukrainian military will lose territory. The question is: how many and which centers will this apply to, he adds.

As the portal notes, it is possible that Russia has not yet finally decided which direction it will choose. Kharkov, Donbass and Zaprozhye are supposed to be three possible directions. By Richard Barrons Russia will “decide” for Kharkov.

Watling estimates that Russia's goal is “to try to create a sense of hopelessness“. – The summer offensive will not end the conflict decisively, regardless of how it turns out for both sides – he says. However, he expects that “the war will turn to Russia's advantage“.

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