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War in Ukraine. Budanov announces victory at sea. “Many surprises”

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When Russia launched its invasion in February 2022, Kyiv had almost no navy. The only frigate – “Hetman Sahajdaczny” – was sunk to prevent it from being captured by the enemy.

“Two years later, Ukraine tries to stop the Russian land offensive, wins the war on the Black Sea and breaks the Russian blockade of grain ships,” writes The Economist.

War in Ukraine. Naval drones can decide victory at sea

The British weekly notes that Kiev's success often depends on technological innovation. “Every second navy uses manned ships, but Ukraine created one a fleet of unmanned boats“- we read in the article.

Before the war in Ukraine, the most ambitious naval weapons project was “Sea Hunter”a 40-meter ship over which The United States has been working since 2016.

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“The Ukrainian Navy is different from the American Navy. The country is pioneer in creating small, cheap marine dronesthat can be quickly and easily built and used to attack, and not to support other forces,” the weekly describes.

Naval analyst H. I. Sutton, through video and photos, documented 11 types of Ukrainian maritime drones – including Magura V5. However, there may be more unmanned aerial vehicles.

So far, Russian patrol and transport ships, warships, and even Kerch Bridge was damagedconnecting occupied Crimea with Russia.

War in Ukraine. Russia is losing its ships

Individual drones generally do not deal much damage, but a few hits can sink a ship. According to “The Economist”, Ukrainian drones They disabled about ten Russian shipsincluding “Cesar Kunikowa”.

The head of Ukrainian intelligence Kyrylo Budanov claims that Ukrainian drones “they still give the Russians many surprises”.

– Private programmers working in other countries can tell you what the surprises might be. Four Turkish arms companies developed an underwater drone project a kamikaze that can sneakily approach the target and then emerge and launch a quick attack – said the weekly's interlocutor.

Although the success of drones on land has prompted the militaries of other countries to invest more in this area, Ukraine's victories at sea have not led to similar decisions. “There is one exception – Russia has also started deploying such drones“- we read.

The Unian agency recalls that the representative of Ukrainian military intelligence, Andriy Yusov, stated in May that Ukrainian naval drones harmed the Russian fleet damage of approximately USD 500 million.

Source: “The Economist”, Unian

“PiS should draw conclusions.” Mastalerek about Wojciech Kolarski's defeat/Polsat News/Polsat News

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