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War in Ukraine. China's aid strengthens Russia in war with Ukraine, fills critical gaps – CNN

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China is helping Russia expand its defense industrial base on such a large scale that Moscow is now undertaking the most ambitious expansion in military production since Soviet times, CNN reports, citing senior officials in US President Joe Biden's administration. China's support has a significant impact on Russia's ability to continue its attack on Ukraine, the station estimates.

The support provided to Russia by China includes, among others: production of machine tools, drone engines, transfer of technology for anti-ship missiles, microelectronics and nitrocellulose used in the production of weapons fuel. In 2023, 90 percent Russia used microelectronics imports from China to produce missiles, tanks and planes.

“This affects Russia's ability to continue its attack on Ukraine while the Ukrainian army struggles with equipment and weapons shortages,” CNN emphasizes. As the station adds, “the challenge for Ukraine is further deepened by Republicans in the US Congress, who continue to block the vote on the new military aid package for Kiev.”


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CNN previously reported that Moscow appears to be on track to produce almost three times as much artillery ammunition as the US and Europe. In addition to defense equipment, China helps Russia improve its satellite and space capabilities, which is also used in its aggression against Ukraine.

Washington warns of 'serious consequences'

“One of the game-changing moves we now have to support Ukraine is to convince the People's Republic of China to stop helping Russia rebuild its military industrial base,” one official said, as quoted by CNN. He added that “Russia would have difficulty sustaining its war effort without China's contribution,” as Chinese materials “fill critical gaps in Russia's defense production cycle.”

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned of “serious consequences” if Chinese companies support Russia in the war in Ukraine during her visit to Beijing. The Biden administration also issued a regulation on global banks to facilitate support for Russia's defense industrial base. Such actions would result in American sanctions.


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