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War in Ukraine – cluster munitions. US to hand over weapons to Ukraine? Human Rights Watch are appealing

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Russia and Ukraine should stop using cluster munitions, and the United States should not supply them to any country, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a published report. According to the human rights organization, since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, both sides have already reached for this type of ammunition.

Government Ukraine trying to convince the authorities USA to transfer stocks of cluster munitions, and according to the American CBS station, a decision on this matter may be made this week.

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According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), based on the testimonies of more than 100 witnesses, Ukrainian forces used cluster munitions in 2022 during fighting in the east of the country, in the region of Izium. As a result, at least eight civilians were killed and no fewer than 15 were injured. Formerly a defending organization human rights reported numerous cases of use by Russia cluster munitions in Ukraine, resulting in the deaths of dozens of people.

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Cluster ammunitionYaroslav Makar/Shutterstock

“Cluster munitions used by both sides continue to kill civilians and will take their lives for many years to come,” said Mary Wareham of HRW. “Both sides should stop using it immediately and never use it again,” she added.

Cluster ammunition – what is it?

Cluster munitions can be fired from guns and rocket launchers or dropped from aircraft. A single shell contains hundreds of small bombs that can hit targets scattered over large areas. This feature makes victims not only soldiers, but above all civilians. Cluster munitions also leave a lot of unexploded ordnance.

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More than 120 countries signed an international convention in 2008 banning the use of cluster munitions. However, Russia, Ukraine and the US did not join this agreement. A high-ranking official Pentagon admitted last month that cluster munitions would be very useful in a Ukrainian counter-offensive, but objections from allies and the views of some members of the US Congress have meant that they are not being supplied to Ukraine.

Main photo source: Yaroslav Makar/Shutterstock

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