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War in Ukraine. CNN: Ukrainians have a network of agents in Russia and can smuggle drones

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Ukraine has developed a network of its agents and supporters in Russia who are working on acts of sabotage. Existing smuggling routes could be used to supply these groups with drones or components to assemble them, US television CNN reported.

American station, writing about the “secret plan” Ukraine, cited “numerous sources familiar with US intelligence.” US officials are convinced that an attempted drone attack on the Kremlin in early May was carried out by pro-Ukrainian agents from Russia. The cameras were not aimed at Moscow from Ukraine, CNN reported. It was stipulated that there is no such information on the latest incidents when drones hit apartment blocks in Moscow and the Moscow region.

The UkrJet drone presented by the Ukrainian armed forces Photo from August 2, 2022UKRINFORM/PAP

According to the Americans, Ukraine has developed sabotage cells in Russia composed of both pro-Ukrainian supporters and agents trained in this kind of warfare. It is believed that Ukraine supplied them with drones of its own production. Two U.S. officials told CNN there was no evidence that drones donated to Ukraine were used in the attacks. United States.

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While it is impossible to determine exactly how Ukraine transferred the drones to Russia, there are two sources cited by CNN. believe that she may have used proven smuggling routes to deliver cameras or components from which they could be assembled in Russia.

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The culmination of trials

The CNN interlocutor, a representative of European intelligence, recalled that smuggling across the Russian-Ukrainian border has been taking place for many years since 2014, when it began conflict in Donbas.

The incidents in May and June this year in Russia appear, according to CNN, to be the culmination of Ukraine’s attempts to prepare the infrastructure for this kind of subversion. A source familiar with the intelligence told the station that for a long time “some in Ukraine had been pushing for more aggressiveness”, with “there was some willingness at higher levels” but the “challenge was the ability” to implement.

Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) told CNN that it would not comment on the incidents in Russia until the war was won, but predicted they would repeat themselves in the future.

Main photo source: UKRINFORM/PAP

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