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War in Ukraine. Deputy Minister of Defense: The ongoing conflict with Russia can be considered the “first drone war”

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In connection with the 500th day of full-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine, Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Malar pointed out several facts about the ongoing war. She mentioned that this is, among other things, “the first drone war”.

War Russia against Ukraine is the biggest conflict in Europe since World War II. – 500 days plus eight years of real combat experience: no modern army in the world has been used in a war of such high intensity – noted Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malar.

In March 2014, the Crimean peninsula was annexed by Russia as a result of military intervention and an illegal referendum. Ukraine and the West have recognized these actions by the Kremlin as a violation of international law.

Ukrainian soldier of the air reconnaissance squadron of one of the Territorial Defense brigades in the Zaporizhia regionPhoto from March 7, 2023UKRINFORM/PAP/EPA

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As she added, this war can certainly be considered the “first drone war”. The deputy minister pointed out that unmanned aerial, land and water devices are integrated with every stage of combat operations.

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For the first time in the world, Ukrainian air defense has combined and effectively used new Western sets and systems from the Soviet era, as well as fighters and mobile groups of man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems, a government representative in Kiev said.

Drone control exercises in Kiev Photo from June 15, 2023UKRINFORM/PAP/EPA

Kamikaze drones are cheap and deadly. Ukrainian soldiers show itPawel Szot/Fakty TVN

The deputy minister also said that the offensive actions of the Ukrainian armed forces corrected one of the fundamental postulates of military science regarding the need to have a several-fold advantage in the number of military personnel and equipment during the offensive. She stated that the Ukrainian army is conducting an offensive and liberating territories in conditions of the enemy’s superiority in terms of manpower and armament.

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She also stressed that there are five thousand women fighting at the front, and a total of 42,000 of them serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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Malar emphasized that it should also be noted that the Ukrainian military shot down a supersonic Russian Kinzhal missile for the first time. It specified that the target was shot down with the American Patriot system.

Main photo source: UKRINFORM/PAP/EPA

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