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War in Ukraine. Donald Trump has a peace plan. He wants negotiations on both sides

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The draft peace plan was drafted by retired General Keith Kellog and Fred Fleitz, both former Chiefs of Staff. National Security Council by Donaldzie Trumpie during his presidency (2017-2021). In the pages of the pro-Trump “America First Policy Institute“Former officials of the Republican administration published the main assumptions of the end of the conflict that has been going on in the East for over two years.

The key point is to get both sides – Ukraine i Russia to negotiate. It is here to help suspension weapons based on “current positions on the front”, as well as a number of assurances. Kyiv has to hear declaration of transfer of American weaponson the other hand Moscow will be assured that the country it invaded in February 2022will not join NATO in the longer term“.

According to plan “Ukraine formally, he does not have to give up the territory Russia“, at the same time he added that it is unlikelythat Kiev “in the near future regains effective control over all its territory.”

War in Ukraine. Donald Trump reacts “favourably” to the proposed peace plan

“Our fear is that the war has turned into a battle of attrition that will kill a whole generation of young men” – added in the article. In addition, the provision about “American arming Ukraine to the teeth” is to be a key element of the entire process.

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According to former associates of the Republican vying for the party nomination and a return to the White House,Donald Trump he responded favorably to such a proposal“.

“I'm not saying he agreed with it or agreed with every word he said, but we were glad to get that feedback,” former Trump aides said. In turn, the spokesman for the former US president stated that “only statements made by Donald Trump or authorized members of the campaign should be considered official.”

US elections. Republican peace plan for Ukraine revealed before the first debate

According to US media, the latest peace proposal “would represent a dramatic change in the US position on the war and would be met with opposition from European allies and within Republican Party Trump.” Kiev does not comment on the latest reports, nor does it Moscow.

“What Kellogg and Fleitz are describing is a process toward Ukraine giving up all of the territory that Russia currently occupies,” said Daniel Fried, a former deputy secretary of state dealing with Russian policy and a former ambassador. United States w Poland.

The proposed peace plan appears on several dozen hours before the first televised presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Although they are still formally waiting for their parties' conventions, where they will receive nominations for the fall elections, they will face each other in the CNN studio in Atlanta on Thursday.

What will be new is the discussion formula – unlike most previous debates, politicians will exchange views without the participation of the audience, and in addition, candidates will have their microphones turned on only when they are given the floor by the moderators.

Source: Reuters, CNN

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