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Saturday, December 2, 2023

War in Ukraine. Elite 82nd Air Assault Brigade Launched – Forbes

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The Ukrainian command sent the best-trained unit of the airborne troops, the 82nd Air Assault Brigade, to fight in the Zaporizhia Oblast, the American magazine “Forbes” reported. According to him, the deployment of these forces at the front should result in faster progress of the counter-offensive against the Russians.

“Ukrainian airborne troops have finally thrown their strongest unit into battle,” Forbes reports. The Doborow Ukrainian 82nd Air Assault Brigade has about 2,000 members. soldiers and is equipped with Western equipment – British Challenger 2 tanks, as well as American and German Stryker and Marder combat vehicles. These forces entered the fight near the town of Robotyne in the Zaporizhia region, Forbes reported.

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According to “Forbes”, the 82nd and 46th brigades (part of the Ukrainian air assault forces – ed.) have so far been in reserve, but the command in Kiev decided to include these units in combat operations, hoping for a more effective breakthrough of the enemy’s defense lines.

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The use of elite airborne troops and marines made it possible to liberate the town of Urozajne in the western part of the Donetsk region in recent days. The withdrawing Russian troops were to suffer very serious losses there as a result of the use of cluster munitions provided by the Russians USA.

Soldiers of the 82nd Air Assault Brigade 82nd Air Assault Brigade/Facebook

Ukrainian counter-offensive

In the opinion of “Forbes”, the participation of such well-trained units in the fight against the occupier is for Ukraine both good and bad news. It must be remembered that when the 82nd and 46th brigades and marine units are withdrawn to regroup and regenerate forces, Kiev’s offensive operations may lose momentum.

Ukraine still has unused territorial defense and national guard brigades, but these formations tend to be inferior in terms of firepower and training, Forbes reported.

Since the first days of June, a counter-offensive against Russian troops has been underway in the Zaporizhia and Donetsk regions. The Ukrainian army, which has to overcome the enemy’s extensive defensive lines, including minefields, has had limited success so far. The authorities in Kiev have confirmed that they have regained control over about 10 towns, mainly in the west of the Donetsk region.

Main photo source: 82nd Air Assault Brigade/Facebook

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