War in Ukraine. Energy crisis. Surviving the winter depends on the supply of weapons


– We have five months until winter. If we don't defend ourselves now, then we will not be able to carry out the repair work. 50 percent (energy system) capacity will not be enough to get through the winter, Halushchenko said on Tuesday in Berlin. He added that the weapons must reach the country in the coming weeks, otherwise Ukraine's energy infrastructure will not survive the winter.

The minister's words are confirmed in the president's statement Ukrainy Volodymyr Zelenskywho said during a conference in Berlin on the reconstruction of the country that Russia destroyed half of Ukraine's electricity generation capacitysince it began attacking energy installations at the end of March this year.

Energy crisis in Ukraine. It will start in the summer

According to the BBC, Ukraine buys energy from European Union, trying to cover their deficiencies. The Ukrainian Energy Ministry said it plans to import the largest amount of energy ever since Wednesday. However, this will not be enough to cover the deficit.

This means that from Power outages are scheduled throughout the country from 3 to 11 p.m. This is intended to protect critical infrastructure, including hospitals and military facilities.

Oleg Strilka from the State Emergency Service in Sumy told the BBC that one of the effects of this situation is simultaneous connection of all electrical devices to the power supply after its restorationwhich causes network overload and fires.

– Over the last month, we have rescued children and elderly people from smoke-filled houses, he said. The BBC predicts that the situation will worsen as temperatures rise and turning on the air conditioning.

Energy crisis in Ukraine. “Winter will be the worst”

“If Russia continues to attack power plants, the worst-case scenario is that Ukrainians will attack them in winter they can spend up to 20 hours a day without electricity and heating” – forecasts the largest Ukrainian private energy company DTEK, answering questions from the BBC.

This is partly due to the fact that Ukrainian thermal and hydroelectric power plants are difficult and expensive to repair. – Some will take years to repair, and others may never be restored to service – said Maria Tsaturian from Ukrenergo, the Ukrainian national energy operator, in an interview with the British broadcaster.

Let us recall that in order to reduce shortages in electricity supplies, Ukraine is importing record amounts of energy from Romania, Slovakia i Polish. Stabilization of this situation will most likely last at least two years.

– We have to be prepared for everyday breakdowns that will be the norm for us, not a critical situation. Honestly, the only thing we can do is get used to it, said the head of the Kyiv Energy Research Center, Oleksandr Kharchenko.

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