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War in Ukraine. “F-16 delivered to Ukraine”? This movie doesn’t confirm that

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According to information provided by Internet users, Ukraine has already received F-16 aircraft from the West. However, the recording that purports to confirm this shows otherwise.

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Information is being spread on social media that Western F-16s have already appeared in Ukraine. The proof of this is a short video published in the posts. Lasts 24 seconds. It shows a man wearing a so-called jacket. bomber jacket with Ukrainian markings. He enters the hangar, turns on the light, smiles. He stands in front of an F-16 standing inside with the symbol of the Ukrainian military and Ukrainian colors. “Welcome to Ukraine,” says the inscription in English at the end of the film.

“F-16 are already in Ukraine!” – commented On December 25, one of the Internet users wrote in English on the X platform (formerly Twitter). His entry with this video has 1.3 million views. Another Internet user he statedthat this is a recording of the Ukrainian authorities, who thus confirmed the delivery of the first batch of F-16 aircraft. Other X users also posted this video, writingthat it is a trailer made by the Ukrainian authorities.

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The video also reached the Polish-language network. “And yet 🙂 So there is something to it…” – commented Maciej Korowaj, lieutenant colonel of the reserve, security expert. One of the Internet users took a screenshot of the video in which only the plane was visible and published it on the X z platform comment: “F-16 delivered to Ukraine.”

Ukraine appeals for F-16

Almost from the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion in 2022, the Ukrainian authorities have been appealing to Western countries to provide them with the weapons necessary to fight the invader – including F-16 aircraft. The full English name is General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon. In Poland, contrary to the literal translation, the name Jastrząb was adopted for this machine to distinguish it from the PZL W-3 Sokół multi-role helicopter used in Polish aviation.

On December 22, 2023, the Institute for War Studies, citing a strategic document of the Estonian Ministry of Defense, reported that “Ukraine will most likely receive the first batch of F-16 before the end of 2023.” Earlier, in mid-2023, the United States, as the manufacturer of these machines, despite initial reservations, signaled that it would not prevent other countries from transferring F-16 aircraft to Ukraine. The American wrote on December 27, 2023 that these machines can now fly in the Ukrainian sky. “Newsweek”citing anonymous informants.

Advertising film for a clothing company

As we have established, the video is not a confirmation that the F-16s have reached Ukraine and was not published by any government or military institution. It was first published at the end of November 2023 on the social media of the Ukrainian clothing company Aviatsiya Halychyny specializing in the production of aviation clothes. In fact, it is an advertisement for the bomber jacket seen in the video. The company’s logo can be seen at the beginning. The jacket can be purchased at website online company.

Bomber jackets are characteristic short waist-length jackets with zippers, with cuffs at the bottom and on the sleeves, which gives a slightly inflated effect. Instead of a hood or collar, they have a characteristic stand-up collar. They became fashionable in the mid-20th century because such jackets were worn by American Air Force pilots.

On Instagram company, this advertisement appeared with a comment in Ukrainian, which confirms that the plane was created by computer. “While waiting for the F-16, we have created a bomber jacket with the motif of Fighting Falcons, which will soon protect our sky. For now, it is simply a product of good technology, but only in Ukraine will there be a chance to test it in a real battle and make a heroic mark in the history of our struggles.

Aviatsiya Halychyny was established in 2014 after Russia attacked Ukraine. It gained great popularity thanks to T-shirts commemorating the defenders of Mariupol and with anti-Russian messages. Her clothes are worn by Ukrainian politicians. The company donates part of its earnings to the Ukrainian army. He also collects money for her. In March 2023 year, it managed to collect over a million hryvnias for the purchase of combat drones. “Clothes are the simplest way to express opinions. They are direct support for our army. They are an expression of patriotism,” she said in an interview with the portal. France24.com Natalya Kulyk, company manager.

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