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War in Ukraine. Former CIA director General David Petraeus on the hopes of the counter-offensive and the condition of the Russian troops

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“Russian forces are significantly depleted, a counter-offensive by Ukrainian armed forces could bring significant results,” former CIA director General David Petraeus told the Kiev Independent. In his opinion, the war is now approaching a “breaking point”.

General Petraeus said that Russian forces in “many cases have been fighting continuously for a year or even more”. In his opinion, the Russian command does not withdraw its units to recreate them after suffering losses. They simply join them with poorly trained and equipped new soldiers.

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“The counter-offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces can produce significant results, not only on the battlefield, but also in the minds of Ukrainians, Europeans, Americans and others, putting Ukraine on the path to victory,” the former director said. CIA.

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Approaching the “turning point”

David Petraeus reports that in his opinion the war is approaching a “breaking point”. The American general also said that the Russian soldiers “are not disciplined or well led.”

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“So there is no coherence and discipline necessary when they have to retreat under Ukrainian pressure to defensive positions” – he assessed. At the same time – as the American pointed out – “Ukrainian forces have been training for many months. They are well disciplined. They are well commanded and well equipped.” “I believe that (Ukrainians) will achieve the effect of combined arms,” ​​said the general. “It requires very good command and control, it has to be precisely coordinated, a bit like in a symphony, where each element has to play its part at the right moment. “They’re very complicated,” he said.

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“Russian forces may fall apart”

Petraeus attributes key importance to dynamic initiative.

“Ukraine over the years, but especially since the beginning of this phase of the war, has worked to develop the initiative in a way that was not common in the old Soviet system. The Soviet system was that you do what you are told. And the initiative comes when you do what needs to be done even though something has not been told to you. ‘In the absence of orders, find out what they should be and carry them out aggressively’ – this is what I consider to be the essence of the new Ukrainian army,” he stressed.

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The general stated that “the effect of combined forces is terrifying for the enemy. If it works, if the strike gains momentum, (Russian forces) will not be able to face it any more than during the Kharkiv offensive, only that then Ukraine did not have all the supporting forces.” . In his opinion, as a result, Russian forces “may fall apart.” “First-line units cannot advance for more than 72 or 96 hours. They too have suffered losses, several systems are failing, units need to be rebuilt and supplied. I believe that’s what’s going to happen. I think that’s a realistic, though obviously positive, assessment of what’s going to happen,” the former CIA chief said in an interview with the Kiev Independent published on Friday.

Main photo source: PAP/ Mykola Kalyeniak

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