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War in Ukraine. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz explains why he wants to continue talks with Vladimir Putin

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz commented on his contacts with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I will continue to talk to him because I want to experience a moment where it is possible to get out of this situation,” he said.

Olaf Scholz at a meeting in his constituency in Potsdam, he expressed his will to continue talks with Vladimir Putin, although he assessed that the two have “completely different opinions”. He mentioned that in his talks with the Russian president, he raised issues such as drawing attention to the fact that the current conduct of the war is not in accordance with the principles of international law.

“Even so, I will continue to talk to him because I want to experience a moment where it is possible to get out of this situation.” “And that’s not possible if you don’t talk,” argued Scholz.

What depresses Scholz in talks with Putin

Scholz also said the “really depressing” thing about the talks for him is that Putin is sticking to his intention to gain territory Ukraine by force, despite huge losses on the Russian side. It may turn out that 100,000 soldiers have already lost their lives on the Russian side. “That’s quite a lot compared to other wars,” he admitted.

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“We have seen the brutality that a Russian president is capable of,” Scholz recalled, referring to Chechnya and Syria.


Since the beginning of the Russian aggression in Ukraine, Scholz has spoken to Putin several times by phone, several weeks apart. The last conversation, which was reported on December 2, was reportedly marked by mutual accusations. Scholz condemned Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure. Putin spoke of the “destructive line of Western states, incl German“, which supported Kiev with weapons and trained its soldiers.

Scholz recalled “a strange long table”

Returning in Potsdam to talks with Putin before the start of the armed invasion of Ukraine, the chancellor described that it took place at a “strange long table” in the Kremlin and that the conversation lasted about four hours. Scholz also assessed that conversations with Putin were always polite. “Nobody shouts on the other end of the phone,” he said.

He reported that he himself does not speak Russian, and the only thing he is able to learn is the local alphabet. He added that Putin speaks German “very well” and will interject something in German from time to time.

Photo from February 15, 2022

Meeting between Putin and Scholz in the Kremlin Photo from February 15, 2022kremlin.ru

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Main photo source: kremlin.ru

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