War in Ukraine. How many people have died since the beginning of Russian aggression?


– International law prohibits attacks on civilians during war, their escalation in Ukraine It is unacceptable – the Under-Secretary-General said on Tuesday at the Security Council UN Rosemary DiCarlo.

DiCarlo, who serves as undersecretary for political and peacebuilding affairs, detailed that attacks on Ukraine's population and civilian infrastructure killed last month. over 170 peoplea another 690 were injured, which is the highest number of victims in one month since June 2023.

– Since February 2022, the OHCHR (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights) has recorded 11,126 civilian deaths and 21,863 injuries in Ukraine. The actual numbers are probably much higher – she said.

UN Security Council. Peace agreement on Ukraine

In his speech at the Security Council forum, the Polish ambassador to the UN, Krzysztof Szczerski, recalled that on June 16 in Buergenstock, Switzerland, a peace summit with the participation of over 100 countries and international organizations expressed overwhelming support for ending the war in a way that guarantees Ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Agreement the peace that will ultimately be negotiated must ensure Ukraine's sovereigntyits full practical possibilities of defending independence, and also freedom and undisturbed right to shape policy internal and foreign without influence Russia – the ambassador quoted a fragment of the speech at the President's Summit Andrzej Duda.

Szczerski pointed out that the peace terms proposed by Russia leave no room for negotiations. They do not aim to advance the peace process, but serve as a poor justification for the continuation of the war.

– Peace terms proposed by Russia are unacceptable to the entire civilized world – assessed the permanent representative of the Republic of Poland to the UN. As he added Poland was a signatory of the post-summit joint communiqué and supports all its key elements.

– For us there is no alternative to a just peace. (…) Until it is achieved, Poland's support for Ukrainein all its forms, will remain our priority, said Ambassador Szczerski.

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