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War in Ukraine. Italian Deputy Prime Minister: Tusk feels the Russian threat

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On the Italian television station Rete 4, Antonio Tajani was asked about the information also published by the daily “The Republic” the Polish Prime Minister's interview for European newspapers, where he spoke, among other things, about the threat from Poland Russia and the need to get used to the coming “pre-war era”

The head of diplomacy emphasized: “Let us remember what Russia did in Poland at the beginning of Soviet domination“.

– Poles – said the Deputy Prime Minister – they look at the Russians with great concern and it's not like there's no cause for concern.

– But I think that at this moment you must always have nerves of steel, not be afraid, and be stronger NATOprotect Ukraine, because the truth is that if Ukraine loses, the greater threat will be at our gates. But we must always work for peace, said the party leader Forza Italia.

Antonio Tajani warns against the threat from Russia

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Antonio Tajani he stressed that the Russian threat “can never be forgotten” and every effort must be aimed at “finding a positive solution.”

– Also when strengthening NATO's tools, it should be done with a view to peace, deterrence, and not offensive power – believes Antonio Tajani.

In his opinion, it is needed “European defense”.

– We need to do more than what we have done so far. Because we spend a lot of money, but we are not effective enough. We spend a third of what the United States does on defense in Europebut Europe's military power is far from one third of America's, said the Italian deputy prime minister.

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Gawkowski in “Guest of Events”: I work great with Donald Tusk/Polsat News/Polsat News

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