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War in Ukraine. Justin Trudeau has enraged Russia. Two words were enough

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Over the weekend, a conference focusing on peace was held in Buergenstock, Switzerland Ukraine. As the president pointed out Switzerland Viola Amherd, the summit was supposed to be the first step towards achieving consensus. More than 90 countries and international organizations took part in the conferencewhich according to the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is “a great success for Ukraine and all partners.”

War in Ukraine. The Prime Minister of Canada paid tribute to Ukraine

The summit was attended by, among others, Prime Minister Canada Justin Trudeauwho, along with the rest of those gathered At the end he posed for a souvenir photo. The Prime Minister then allowed himself a symbolic gesture. Standing near the president of Ukraineshouted “Glory to Ukraine”for what some leaders replied, “Glory to the heroes.” Cameras caught Trudeau and Zelensky right after they met their eyes for a moment.

Although the phrase “Glory to Ukraine” has appeared in the public space almost since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, it still evokes considerable emotions among representatives of Russia. The Russian ambassador to Canada did not like the fact that it was Prime Minister Trudeau who shouted praise during the peak.

– Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau tramples on the memory of the exploits of Canadianswho fought as part of the anti-Hitler coalition against Nazism, publicly shouting Bandera's slogans – said Oleg Stepanov in response, accusing that the slogan “Glory to Ukraine” is of a similar nature to the Nazi “Heil Hitler”.

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Russian ambassador to Canadian prime minister: Trampling on memory

Stepanov added that the Russian embassy repeatedly brought this to the attention of Canadian officialsbut “life in the 'Ottawa bubble' is such that the priority is unconditional support for the regime in Kiev.” This, in his opinion, is supposed to “foster leniency.”

– By shouting the slogan of Nazi collaborators from the stage, Mr. Trudeau is trampling on the memory of the history and exploits of Canadian sons and daughters who fought as part of the anti-Hitler coalition to destroy Nazism and Hitlerism – Oleg Stepanov accused Prime Minister Trudeau.

President of Ukraine after the peace summit: Russia is not ready

Zelensky said at a press conference at the end of the meeting that the message was accepted by the vast majority of participants supports efforts to quickly end Russia's war in Ukraine based on the United Nations Charter.

However, the President of Ukraine added that Russia “is not ready for a just peace.”

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Zandberg in “Rymanowski's Breakfast” about the conflict in the coalition: This vote was quite clear/Polsat News/Polsat News

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