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War in Ukraine. Kyiv benefits from the consent of the Americans. Hitting targets in Russia

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Ukraine used American weapons to fire at targets in the territory Russia, the AP agency reported, citing the words of an anonymous “Western official related to the topic.” The reports were also confirmed by a member of the US Senate Armed Services Committee Mike Rounds. However, the Republican senator from South Dakota did not want to indicate how he came into possession of the information.

War in Ukraine. American weapons in use

The Ukrainian army was supposed to attack Russia “in recent days” and took place in accordance with the guidelines provided by United States. Joe Biden gave consent last week to the use of American weapons on the aggressor's territory, however only in relation to targets from which rockets are fired towards the Kharkiv Oblast. The Americans banned the use of ATACMS systems, long-range missiles and other ammunition used for offensive operations.

The US government's approval came shortly after the words Emmanuel Macronwho during his visit to Germanyappealed to NATO countries to allow Ukrainians to use Western weapons to defend Kharkov, understood as firing at the targets from which the attack is directed.

– How can we explain to the Ukrainians that we need to protect Kharkiv and all nearby territories if at the same time we tell them that they are not allowed to hit the points from which the missiles fly towards them? (…) We are convinced that we should allow Ukrainians to neutralize military facilities from which missiles are fired – explained the French president with the approval of the German chancellor Olaf Scholza.

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He had previously applied for this opportunity Volodymyr Zelensky. The delay in the delivery of American military aid led to the Russians gaining a significant advantage in the Kharkov region. The second largest city in Ukraine is located 20 km from Russia, from where the shelling is directed.

War in Ukraine. Russia warns against using weapons on their territory

After the information spread around the world that the Americans would allow the use of their weapons in Russia, the Kremlin's deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spoke out Sergei Ryabkov. – I would like to warn American leaders that they may miscalculate, and this could have deadly consequences – he argued.

Even before the United States made its decision, he also issued threats himself Vladimir Putin. – Prolonged escalation may lead to serious consequences – said the Russian president.

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