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War in Ukraine. Kyiv has adopted a new strategy. He wants to buy time

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Ukraine's firepower has been improving since U.S. lawmakers approved a much-needed military aid package for Kiev. However, weapons deliveries are not arriving fast enough for Ukrainians to be able to repel the Russian offensive.

The Russians are still advancing and moving the front line. As the AP noted, they probably will continue their push throughout the summer as drier terrain and longer days will only work to their advantage.

War in Ukraine. Kyiv changed its strategy

Therefore, Ukrainian soldiers resorted to the strategy “bend, but don't break“, also described by Ukrainska Pravda as the “elastic band” strategy. Thanks to this Kyiv will gain timeuntil he receives all the promised support.

According to analysts, the strategy used is: giving up part of their territories to the occupier and retreating to better protected positions. Thanks to this, Ukrainian troops can fight more effectively and protect their personnel. Additionally, by giving away a small territory, there is an opportunity to gain a larger one in the future.

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Ukraine is waiting for support. “We are already seeing results”

Ivan Havryliuk, first deputy defense minister of Ukraine, told AP that his country is still waiting for weapons, but the situation has already improved. – We are already seeing results. At the beginning of the year, Russia's artillery advantage was 7 to 1, but has now dropped to 5 to 1 – he said.

The deputy minister concluded that Ukraine needs to neutralize Russian air forces at least 130 F-16 fighters. He optimistically noted that these will arrive this year and early next year.

– In time, when we arrange everything, we will achieve superiority in our airspace – he announced.

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