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War in Ukraine. Leopards for Ukraine. “Spiegel”: the list of tanks at the disposal of the Bundeswehr has been around for a long time

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German Finance Minister Christian Lindner called on new Defense Minister Boris Pistorius to explore the possibility of further German aid to Ukraine. After a recent meeting in Ramstein, the latter announced that he wanted to check the German stock of Leopard tanks. However, according to the “Spiegel” publication, such a list already exists and it is clear from it which models would be suitable for delivery to Ukraine.

Christian Lindner said Saturday during the party conference FDP in Bielefeld in North Rhine-Westphalia that “new defense minister (Boris Pistorius – ed.) is also a new opportunity for Germanto explore what else we can do to support Ukraine in her fight for peace and freedom”.

Despite considerable pressure from Ukraine and allied countries, the government in Berlin did not decide to deliver German Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine, nor did other countries agree to such actions.

The case of Leopards for Ukraine

After a meeting of the contact group for Ukraine in Ramstein, Pistorius announced that he wanted to check the German stock of Leopard tanks. However, the portal of the weekly “Spiegel” reported on Saturday that a detailed list of various Leopard models has been in the German Ministry of Defense since early summer 2022. According to insiders from the Bundeswehr referred to by the portal, the list should clearly show which models would be suitable for delivery to Ukraine.

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“The opposition already senses that the statements in Ramstein are an attempt to gain time,” concludes “Spiegel”

The Bundeswehr could provide Ukraine with 19 Leopard 2A5 tanks. They are currently used to “represent enemy forces” in the army’s combat training center, simulating enemy tanks during manoeuvres. According to “Spiegel”, soldiers could do without models, because they are used only for exercises.

German finance minister on Putin’s actions

The German finance minister at the aforementioned conference in Bielefeld argued that Vladimir Putin he misjudged Ukraine and he was wrong about Western democracies. As he noted, Putin armed himself with gas and hoped that solidarity with Ukraine would weaken if prosperity was questioned. – He speculated that economic benefits may be more important to us than our own values, than attachment to human rights and international law, said Christian Lindner. Putin “thank God he was wrong about the liberal democracies of the West,” added the German minister.

The courage of people in Ukraine who defend their freedom, but also “all the values ​​that are sacred to us”, is impressive – stressed Lindner. This courage must be the yardstick by which we must measure ourselves.


Main photo source: Marijan Murat/dpa/PAP/EPA

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