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War in Ukraine. Marija Zakharova on the revision of Ukraine's borders. Charges against Poland

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In a conversation with the media, a representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs referred to the agreement signed several hours earlier security guarantee agreement between the US and Ukraine. As announced, the document is one of the next steps bringing Kiev closer to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

According to Maria Zakharova among the member countries NATO there are some that ultimately they will block the entrance Ukrainy part of the alliance.

Many members NATOespecially Poland, has its own ideas about what Ukraine's borders should look like. In recent years, the western part of Ukraine has been the subject of consideration by the political establishment Poland as part of the Polish state – she said.

War in Ukraine. Russian propaganda about Poland

The alleged desire to revise the borders and incorporate the western regions of Ukraine into Poland is nothing new in Russian propaganda. Theses of this type were presented, among others, by: Secretary of the Security Council Russia Nikolai Patrushev in May 2022.

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– The so-called Western partners of the Kiev regime are also not against using the current situation for their own selfish interests and have special plans for Ukrainian lands (…). Obviously Poland is already moving to take action to take over the Western territories of Ukraine – he argued.

He also spoke similarly about the matter president's spokesman Russia Dmitry Pieskow.

– The fact that in recent months there has been very hostile rhetoric coming from Poland. It was not traditionally friendly, but in recent months it has become innate (…). Threat to the territorial integrity of Ukraine may come from Poland, these are also obvious facts – he said.

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