War in Ukraine. Massive losses at Mirhorod airport. Russia triumphs


Russians successfully attacked Mirhorod military airport in Poltava region. The fact that the occupiers carried out the shelling was reported on Monday by former Air Force spokesman Yuri Ihnat.

As the military added, the impact caused “some losses“, but refrained from revealing any details. Meanwhile, Russian channels and propaganda media spread materials suggesting that the destruction many Su-27 aircraft. Ihnat only stressed in this context that these losses “they are not as the enemy claims“.

War in Ukraine. Russians attack on Mirhorod airport

The details of the attack were reported by “Forbes”. First, a reconnaissance drone was to appear over the airport, and then a Su-27 aircraft stationed on the runway was to fall. Iskander missile, destroying two machines and damaging four more.

“This could have been one of the most costly days for Ukrainian aviation,” we read.

On Tuesday morning, Reuters also quoted a short statement Russian Ministry of Defense. According to the occupier's statement, in the attack on the Ukrainian airport in Mirhorod five were destroyed Su-27 fighter planes, and the next ones two damaged.

The initial reports of the airport attack sparked outrage on social media. The attack was said to have taken place in broad daylight, and the targeted aircraft were said to have been stationed in the open. In the comments there was no shortage of criticism of the army for the lack of adequate protection of the facility and machines, despite warnings against impacts.

Russia hits Mirhorod airport, destroys planes

Ihnat denied the allegations and appealed to commentators and analysts for moderation. He pointed out that the Russians “exaggerate the success” and the military is doing everything to “counteract enemy efforts or deceive him by means of false models and other means.”

Reuters also noted that the Russians are attacking Ukrainian airports at a time when Kiev is preparing for delivery of the first F-16s. Moscow From the very beginning she swore that she would destroy these machines.

As The Kyiv Independent recalls, this is another Russian attack on the airport in Mirgorod. An earlier air raid took place in June 2023. The enemy then used ballistic missiles and Iranian drones. Damaged she stayed airport infrastructure and equipment.No one was injured.

Mirhorod Military Airport is located about 220 km from Kharkov and 320 km from Kiev.

Sources: “Forbes”, Reuters, The Kyiv Independent

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