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War in Ukraine. Medvedev announces a “sanitary zone”. It is to run through Poland

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In the latest post on social media Dmitry Medvedev commented on media reports regarding further military aid packages for Ukrainy. Ex-president Russia he pointed out that it is more and more likely that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be made available Storm Shadow/SCALP-EG missiles with a range of at least 550 kilometers.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, this means the need for a quick reaction from Russia and a significant expansion of the so-called “guaranteed sanitary zone” that he proposed earlier Vladimir Putin.

“This is not the first time President Putin has said that for a peaceful life in our country, it will be necessary to create a sanitary zonein which the Kiev regime will not be able to hit targets on Russian territory (including, of course, all lands that returned to our country)” – he said.

At the same time, Medvedev emphasized that even if it comes from Ukraine's allies, first of all United Statesthere is a proposal to sign a document ensuring security on the territory of Russia, you should not sign it, because Ukraine will regularly violate these agreements.

Dmitry Medvedev about the “sanitary zone”. He pointed to Poland

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Due to the alleged threat to Russian citizens and possible deliveries of long-range missiles, the former president of Russia proposes a significant expansion of the zone he was talking about Vladimir Putin. According to Medvedev, the minimum scenario should assume that the zone will cover all of Ukraine.

“If this happens, a guaranteed sanitary zone it will be somewhere on the border with Poland, or in Poland itself“- he argues.

Summing up his statement, the Vice-Chairman of the Security Council of the Federation recalled that exercises involving non-strategic nuclear weapons would be held in Russia in the near future, which he described as a “loose concept”, adding at the same time that representatives of Western countries should seriously consider what their support for Ukraine.

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