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War in Ukraine. Moscow Negotiations with Kiev? Soldier Points to Putin's Plan

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Last week at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit Vladimir Putin thanked the Turkish president for organizing a meeting of the Russian and Ukrainian delegations in March 2022. The Russian leader also referred to the negotiations, to which the acting commander of the Kalinovsky regiment referred.

War in Ukraine. A soldier from the Kalinowski regiment advises against negotiations

Paul Szurmiej In one of his interviews, he assessed what future effects peace talks with the Russian Federation regarding the borders could bring Ukraineif they were carried out now.

According to the Belarusian, in a year, five or maybe 10 years, Vladimir Putin will not give up and will take further actions. – Russia will regain its strength and try to make Ukraine dependent on itself – he pointed.

– You have to understand that Russia does not need an independent Ukraine or Belarus with an independent policy – emphasized the acting commander of the Kalinowski regiment. Szurmiej also added that if Western allies help Ukraine with all their might, “the country can 100 percent survive” a full-scale invasion.

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War in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin spoke about negotiations

– The Istanbul agreements have not disappeared anywhere, they were initialed by the head of the Ukrainian negotiation delegation, which means that they seem to have been quite satisfactory for Ukraine – said the Russian leader. Putin emphasized that the agreements “remain on the table and can be used as a basis for continuing these negotiations“.

In turn, during the recent visit of the Prime Minister Hungarian in Kiev Viktor Orban was to present To Volodymyr Zelensky proposal for a ceasefire. The words of the Hungarian politician did not go uncommented by Vladimir Putin.

– We must ensure that the other side (Ukraine – ed.) agrees to take steps that will be irreversible and acceptable to Russia – said the Russian leader, emphasizing that “a ceasefire without reaching an agreement is impossible”.

Sources: Union, news.online.ua, Interia

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