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War in Ukraine. New Russian tactics. Ukrainian commanders: “It looks comical”

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In an interview with Ukrainian public television, Mykola Volokhov commented on the current situation in the eastern regions Ukraine. As the military admitted, Russian units have recently decided to carrying out attacks using non-standard tactics.

Russian soldiers very often they use motorcycles during assaultswhich are not, as before, used for logistic operations but primarily for transporting infantry to the front line.

Sometimes it looks funny, sometimes very funny.. They haven't succeeded yet, but they are trying. I know that they are resorting to this relatively new tactic all along the front line, trying to find the key to our defense – he stated.

War in Ukraine. Unusual Russian attacks

According to Mykola Volokhov, the most surprising, although ineffective, is the use of motorcycle assaults also at night. According to the Ukrainian commander, the Russians they work on the principle of checking “what will happen”.

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– This is a military experiment because it is impossible to penetrate our defenses with classical means. The enemy is throwing entire companies at our fortified areas.to make some sort of landing. It still can't be done, so they're trying something innovative – he emphasized.

– It is possible that in the future a way will be found to carry out attacks using such a light vehicle. Now all this life force is dying, the enemy is weak and frail – added.

At the same time, the military officer admitted that he was aware that non-standard tactics may “seem funny at first glance, but later it may find its fulfillment during the war“.

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